12th Man Movie Review ( 3/5)

12th Man Movie Review ( 3/5) –  An Engaging Murder Mystery

A lot of people who are seen together having great time in an exotic place and something goes wrong horribly, sounds familiar for those who are big fans of mystery movies. First thing that crossed my mind regarding such a subject is Agatha Christie’s classic which has inspired several successful movies. Although the trailer 12th Manlooked like it may have a plot in the lines of classic murder mystery , there would be more clarity on this after the detailed  analysis .

The plot seems to be very clear from the trailers itself with eleven childhood friends partying in an isolated resort. With each one of them settled in life with different profiles and financial status, they are very proud to have maintained their friendship for so long which is still going strong for them. With all that fun happening, they have a disturbance in form of an alcoholic who is the 12th man residing   in the resort. When there is debate about keeping no secrets among friends they start a new game, which initially adds on to the great time but turns out be an embarrassing affair. If that is not enough, the whole gang is shocked to discover something scandalous followed by a murder. What are the dark secrets shared by this group and how this important character the 12th man solves the murder mystery forms the rest of the story

The movie manages to generate a lot of curiosity among the viewers when a can of worms is opened during the game. As the really dark secrets about the close friends are out, making the viewer more curious to know what is in the store for each of those characters. The whole concept of solving a complicated case in a closed room with 11 suspects mainly through tough interrogation is where the director Jeethu Joseph scores heavily. He has managed to create tension, thrills and suspense during the conversation which works really well for the suspense thriller. This is definitely one of those old school murder mysteries where we have a lot of suspects and one has to really concentrate on the characters to enjoy the thriller. Also interesting factor is with a running time of about two hours forty five minutes, the pace never dips once the murder investigation begins. Although the initial sequences are bit slow, which is understandable as the basic introduction of the big gang is necessary. When the identity of the killer is revealed after going through several suspects in the climax, it is convincing but clearly falls short of a big shock value that is expected from a Jeethu  Joseph thriller. Also, when the tales of betrayal starts emerging during the chat , the reaction from rest of friends should have resulted in a high voltage drama but no major fluctuations in their attitude observed  , just gives an impression that suspense takes over the sentiments

Mohanlal playing on the minds of 11 people with most of them having stories to hide during the conversation clearly wins the man of the match award. The entire interrogation works mainly because of his presence and his methods of extracting the truth.

This may not be one of the best murder mysteries but it offers a lot of curios, suspenseful moments keeping the viewers glued on their seats. If you like one of those murder mysteries with a big gang of suspects, this is definitely for you

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