777 Charlie Movie Review ( 4/5)

777 Charlie Movie Review ( 4/5) – Rakshit Shetty steals the show in this superbly executed adorable bonding

When we talk about relationships and bonding, one cannot be very specific and clearly define it. 777 Charlie beautifully demonstrates special bonding between a lonely man and a dog .Directed by Kiranraj K , the movie stars Rakshit Sheety , Raj.B.Shetty , Sangeetha Sringeri,Bobby Simha and others

Dharma is an irritating young man leading a lonely life. With none of the people around him having good things to tell about him and he hardly cares for them and even ignores who seriously want to be close to him. His life takes a complete U turn, after he takes an injured dog to the hospital. There is drastic change in Dharma’s perception of life as the bonding starts building up with his new friend whom he names Charlie. When everything looks fine, there is a twist in the story that leads to an emotional, adventurous trip involving Dharma and Charlie

Even in past we have witnessed many movies involving special bonding between man and animal but this one is extra special. If the beautiful relationship makes you laugh during the first half, it is high in emotional quotient during the second half. Basically a simple story has been executed amazingly well by director KiranRaj . Apart from the charlie  Dharma bonding angle , the movie highlights  major issue like inbreeding and animal torture by sadist social media crazy people which has been a common problem that has exposed the amount of cruelty and sadism in the society . The movie also explores the complex human relationships. Superbly directed and well-acted sequences between Charlie and Dharma keep the movie fast paced and highly engaging. Another interesting factor is the variety of exciting music complementing the emotional journey and adds lots of style to the execution

About the performances, this is Charlie and Rakshit shetty’s show all the way. In every emotion that Dharma is going through during this special bonding, Rakshit clearly steals the show. Some of the brilliantly acted scenes include the one where he can’t control his laughter , those fully satisfied expressions after the paragliding experience, the dog show sequence  and last but not least highly emotional climax. If this bonding has looked so natural, the credit should go to both the director and Rakshit . Sangeetha Sringeri who initially suspects Dharma and later becomes part of their journey does a neat job . Raj Shetty playing doctor is hilarious with his manglorean accent and bits of Tulu , each time he appears on the screen he brings that instant smile on your face . Bobby simha playing a character who keeps smiling hiding his inner feeling excels with his high energy and expressions that make him adorable

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