Aa Drushya Movie Review (3.5/5) – Highly Suspensful

Aa Drushya ,the latest Ravichandran Starrer is a remake of Tamil superhit  Dhruvangal Pathinaaru which was not only a big hit ,but also managed to get rare reviews. Let us anlayze the performance of this Mystery thriller  Directed by Shiva Ganesh

The Movie starts with the friend of a retired police officer SuryaTej( Ravichandran)  who wants his son ( Yash Shetty), an aspiring cop, to meet him. When the duo meet up at the picturesque location, Surya Tej starts narrating a famous case which is also quite familiar to the youngster. This is an interesting case which involves couple of murders and kidnapping of a young girl which all takes over one night with the involvement of multiple characters. One bunch of suspects includes three carefree youngsters, accidently hit a person who abruptly lands infront of their car. An eyewitness is a paperboy who along with this incident also finds another body close to the spot .Apart from these killings, a case of missing girl has been reported by her friend who shows up in their apartment next day morning. The investigation is on with the efficient officer Surya Tej investigating the case with the help of Achyutha Kumar and young officer Samarth who manages to impress Surya Tej with his excellent investigative skills

What connects the Murders and the Kidnapping of Girl ? How do Surya Tej and his team uncover the Truth?   What about the facts revealed during the climax which is a real shocker to the Audience? What haunts Surya Tej even during his retirement Days?

An Mystery thriller involving multiple characters with fingers pointing at each other, Aa Drushya  keeps Viewers guessing till the end . Director Shiva Ganesh has given a gripping thriller, emphasising a lot on the investigation scenes involving a big list of suspects. The shocking and convincing climax takes this Mystery thriller to a different level. Even a small lapse of concentration may make the audience restless, such is the impact the movie is able to create. Some may find the pre interval portions confusing as lot of things happening during the short period of time. Cinematography is excellent, capturing those lush green stunning visuals

The Investigation process which is the heart of this thriller needed a mature, intelligent cop and Ravichandran does full justice to the portrayal of Surya Tej. Although he is clearly able to create an impression throughout  , those scenes involving retired Surya Tej are simply first rate .Achyutha Kumar and Ramesh Bhat  gets limited footage.  With an important role to play in the investigation, actor playing the role of Samarth shows lot of promise. Yash Shetty is quite impressive

Overall a fantastic attempt which leaves the Mystery Thriller Lovers fully satisfied

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