Aadai Movie Review

Aadai Movie Review- Amala Paul’s terrific performance makes this Thriller an exciting watch

A lot of Prank shows, randomly targeting strangers and playing pranks on them have become immensely popular. Aadai which is based on this thought-provoking subject has  protagonist Kamini( Amala Paul)  running the prank show “Thoppi Thoppi” for  a TV channel. Apart from her expertise in pranks, she has carefree attitude and ready to accept any challenge, like the one when she locks her friend in the bathroom and takes up the responsibility of a newsreader herself. When their office needs to be shifted to another campus, Kamini and her colleagues plan to celebrate her birthday, which would be their last party in that building. After a few drinks, Kamini reveals about locking her friend in the bathroom and winning the bet, for which her friend disagrees as the bet was on reading the news naked. The next day morning kamini finds her alone, completely naked at the same office where she has got absolutely nothing to cover herself

What happened to her friends?  Who did this to kamini? How does she get out of the office? If someone has done this on purpose, what is the motive behind it? . Watch Aadai to find out the answers

While playing pranks on strangers, leaving them embarrassed most of the times, people playing pranks are not aware what that person might be going through in life at that point of time. If they have some serious issues in life, this will be an unnecessary nuisance hurting their feelings badly. Some of the terrifying ghost pranks may cause dangerous effects on people with a weak heart. While trying to help someone, you may think twice if it is genuine or a prank act . As long as this act is harmless and taken with a good sense of humour, it should be ok, but how do you know the nature of the person if it is a random prank?

Director Rathna kumar has cleverly chosen a bold, thought-provoking subject and handles it brilliantly .He ensures an exciting watch with a good message without being preachy. His brilliance in handling powerful scenes clearly indicates that he has a sure shot winner. Cinematography by Vijay Karthik Kannan is simply first rate. Pradeep Kumar’s background music is excellent

Amala Paul’sterrific performance makes this massage oriented survival thriller an engaging watch. Her expressions while running from those aggressive dogs, her concern and movements when an officer instructs to switch on all the lights, those funny Ghost pranks, this one is completely Amala Paul’s show. Simply superb!!!!

Watch this one for Amala Paul’s  brilliant act!!!!!

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