AadiLakshmi Puraana Movie Review: A simple Romantic comedy

AadiLakshmi Puraana Review: A simple Romantic comedy with good performances

An undercover cop( Nirup) who is on a mission to hunt down the  drug mafia, accidently falls in love with bubbly lakshmi( Radhika Pandit)  who works for a travel agency. During their second meeting, Laxmi travelling with her friend, due to some complex, tells her co passenger that she is married which is overheard by Aadi . While Aadi is heartbroken, still manages to keep in touch with her and Laxmi fails to tell him the truth as she discovers about him being a cop . When Aadi spots Lakshmi’s brother, who is mistaken for her husband, along with his wife, he thinks her husband is cheating on her. It is a shock for his parents when he reveals about his plans of marrying a girl with a  seven year old kid .Finally when Aadi Lakshmi want to express their love for each other , some incident takes place and they get separated. What is this incident? Will Aadi Lakshmi Puraana end on a happy note? Whose efforts reunite this couple?

Director V.Priya sticks to the root basics of a simple romantic comedy keeping it short and sweet. Her handling of hilarious scenes, especially in the second half makes Aadilakshmi puraana an entertaining watch. However she could have added another 20 minutes with extra dose of cute romance and comedy. Nirup Bhandari perfectly fits into the role of an undercover cop and someone who struggles to express his love. Radhika Pandit lights up the screen with her cute, lively and energetic performance. Tara excels with perfect comic timing. Suchendra Prasad plays his role well. Actors playing  Aadi’s friends are impressive


Looking for a good family outing with loads of fun, this one is for you

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