Abhay Season 2 Review – Gripping investigative Crime thriller

 Abhay Season 2 Review – Gripping investigative Crime thriller

The second season of Abhay, an investigative crime thriller with a  brilliant cop investigating series of violent crimes . Apart from Kunal khemu playing the lead role of the investigating officer,, chunkey Pandey and Ram Kapoor join the party with some decent performances

The series opens with a decent looking  psychopath( Chunkey Pandey) slicing up  brains of a teenager who has been kidnapped,gives clear indication what is expected from the crime thriller . The investigation led by competent officer Abhay ( Kunal Khemu)  and his team gains momentum with a dozen bodies recovered , completely burnt and the skulls missing.  The second episode begins with a sex worker Saloni( Bidita Bag)finding pleasure in violently  killing one of her clients and  the final episode is much more interesting with some stranger kidnapping school children and looks like purposely  gets arrested . The dreaded criminal, once taken into custody, demands meeting Abhay and challenges him

Why does some decent looking person targeting teenager boys and slicing up their brains? what is the reason behind sex worker finding so much pleasure in those killings which looks like the case of a copycat killer? .The first two episodes answers the above questions and the mystery behind the kidnappings and the motive is yet to be revealed

The beauty of this crime thriller is the step by step procedures followed during the investigation by Abahy & team which make it pacey and gripping. It is also supported by some commendable performances from the star cast led by Khunal khemu , who keeping low profile delivers a powerful performance. Even during the interrogation, with that casual attitude, he is able to extract the needed information, the whole approach to the role is natural to the core. There is some reversal in the attitude with the able officer getting more serious during that fantastic confrontation with Ram kapoor . Both Chunkey Pandey and Ram kapoor  playing the character with some common factor,  the performances are simply first rate. If chunkey pandey is a soft spoken evil, Ram Kapoor excels with that cruel and sarcastic grin .Bidita Bag  is impressive

The plot involving sick minded criminals demands gory violence but constant chopping of body parts, cannibalism and blood all over the place, not for the faint hearted . Not sure about the relationship between Abhay and his partner except for something in the third episode, need to wait in order to check for any possible twists. Although the performances are highly effective, some of the places like the Xerox shop around the coaching class campus shown in the first episode look so artificial

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