Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya Movie Review : An Intelligent Suspense Thriller

Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya Movie Review : An Intelligent Suspense Thriller

This Navin Polishetty Starrer falls in the rare category of Mystery thriller with loads of humour and powerful message. We have  Agent Atreya( Navin Polishetty) who owns a detective agency FBI(F for Fathima) with his cute assistant Sneha  ,dreams big of investigating a major crime scene, unfortunately  is stuck with petty cases. There comes a case of unidentified dead bodies which he thinks is the turning point of his career. When he gets information about new unidentified body , he is arrested as the only prime suspect at the crime scene. While entertaining other inmates at the Police station, he discovers about the murder of a girl through her father who is being falsely accused and arrested.. Upon getting some crucial information about the possible suspects from the girl’s father, Atreya starts his investigation assigning some scope of work to his assistant Neha as well. The plot takes an interesting turn when the couple of murders are reported and  Atreya is arrested again.

What is the reason behind these Murders and framing Atreya? What is the connection between the suspect’s in the preliminary investigation and unidentified bodies thrown at the railway tracks? Does Atreya get some additional support to crack this case? Why are so many unidentified bodies discovered at a particular location?

Navin Polishetty ‘s act as a cool, brilliant and funny detective makes this a delightful watch. His scenes with his assistant Sneha, funny mannerisms and when he changes his voice during courier guy act shows how talented this guy is and the movie offers fantastic platform to showcase the same. That scene in the hospital when he asks the nurse to act is one of the most hilarious moments in the Movie. Shurthi as Agent ‘s assistant gets good footage and manages to play her part well.

Director Swaroop has been very efficient in ensuring that there is not even a single dull moment in the Movie. He has managed to keep the viewer’s guessing till the end and once the suspense is out, turns out be quite convincing. More than the Mystery part, it is the humour and the cleverly conveyed message makes this such an interesting watch. Full marks to Mark Robin’s background score that syncs perfectly with the Investigation making the plot more engaging.

If you like Intelligent Mystery thrillers with good performances and humour , you should watch this one

Verdict : 3.5 stars

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