Amaram Akhilam Prema Movie Review

Amaram Akhilam Prema Movie Review( 3/5):  Simple ,neat and refreshing

A simple love story that deals with the father-daughter relationship  , efforts and maturity shown by a young couple in dealing with their newly found love

The movie opens with a caring father ( Srikant Iyengar) willing to do anything for his daughter Akhila( Shivshakti Sachdev) and dreams of her becoming an IAS officer right from her childhood days . After couple of years, Akhila and her grandmother( Annapurnamma)  are shown moving to her uncle’s place preparing  for her IAS exams. When happy go lucky guy Amar( Vijay Ram) spots Akhila  at the bus stop , he instantly falls for her . As he manages to get encouragement from his mother while casually taking about his newly found love, Amar tries everything to make Akhila fall in love with him. His efforts include working as a cable guy helping Akhila’s grandmother with her channels, arranging books for her and celebrating her birthday like never before. Having clearly understood his feelings for her , Akhila arranges a meeting with Amar, rejects his proposal  and also the reason behind her decision which has something to do between the beautiful relationship that she shares with her father

In spite of his splendid efforts, what is the reason behind Akhila rejecting Amar’s sincere love? Does he respect Akhila’s feelings or still continues to follow her? What happens to their beautiful love story as the young couple start handling it in a more matured manner and mutual respect?

Directed by Jonatan Edwards, the first half of the movie is a routine love at first sight for the boy and his efforts to make his love understand his feelings. With a lot of light moments and breezy music by Radhan, there is not even a single dull moment. However, during the second half, the focus is more on the sacrifice and dignity in a relationship and good performances from the lead star cast makes this one a decent watch. The movie mainly banks on the relationship between the central characters and their parents which is also a major highlight

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