Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie Review

Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie Review ( 3.5/5)- A brilliant emotional thriller

Directed by Dayal Padmanabhan ,Anaganaga O Athidhi is a remake of kannda movie “Aa karaala rathri” which effectively demonstrates how a simple low budget project with minimum characters and a solid script manages to be hugely successful in entertaining the audience .

The movie begins with a burning village house and a short introduction on destruction caused due to human greed and to start with main story line are the three characters living in an isolated house. A poor farmer’s family headed by drunkard father Subbaiah ( Ananda Chakrapani)   , his loud mouthed daughter malli( Payal Rajput) and helpless wife ( Annapurrna) ,whole family which witnessed good times is forced  to mortgage land and house . Furthermore, the greedy landlord harassing them for money, hinting about his interest in malli who is bold enough to deal with him in her own terms. Suddenly, a rich looking stranger srinivas( Chaitanya Krishna) who keeps travelling places enters the village and requests to stay in their house for which the family hesitatingly agrees and starts treating him in a nice way . The main story revolves around four characters which is a reflection of multiple human emotions and how someone is forced to take decisions in desperation .Not able to reveal much about the rest of the story as it may spoil the party

The beautiful part is that it never lets the viewer  know about the core plot until the climax which is a big victory for any movie .An isolated house in the forest and four characters ,the story woven around them , some of the crucial decisions taken by the characters and tension rising making this one a fabulous emotional suspense thriller . Although, it is a lot of drama but with kind of curiosity it generates, managing to keep the suspense until the end with unexpected twists. Dayal Padbanabhan is a clear winner with the efficient and engaging direction keeping the audience guessing all the time with an innovative concept. Another major plus point is the background score by Arrol Corelli which is so appealing at various occasions. If we take the case of srinivas opening his suitcase and the family’s reaction or some of the crucial decision making scenes, background music is simply superb .Also, the customs in a village household which runs in parallel with the story is quite impressive. Even after the shocking climax, the whole story keeps haunting you for some time really makes you think about some of the brave moves by the central characters

Regarding the performances, Chaitanya Krishna and Ananda Chakrapani           have managed to play their roles well. The focus is on both female characters which are very powerful and Annapurna is simply first rate with someone so helpless taking those sarcastic comments from her daughter and also forced to take some crucial decisions.   Payal Rajput is camera friendly and bags a meaty role with multiple shades performs sincerely and is effective in several scenes. However to bring Malli alive, more arrogance, realism and guts was required which is lacking in her performance

A big thumps to the director and the team for such a brilliant effort and the success should motivate more talented directors to focus on the scripts and come up with a great cinematic experience



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