Anveshanam Movie Review( 3.5/5)

Anveshanam Movie Review: ( 3.5/5) Gripping investigative thriller which also tries to focus on some relevant issues

There are simple incidents in life occurring under abnormal circumstances may lead to a big disaster in the life of people involved. The story of latest Jayasurya starrer Anveshanam  is about one such incident that takes place in a happy family and the shocking facts disclosed during the investigation

The hyper active kid who falls unconscious is taken to the hospital by his mother kavitha( Sruthi Ramachandran) and family friend Dr Gautam ( Vijay Babu) . After the detailed observation, nurse( lena) with some unpleasant childhood memories suspects some foul play . When an unknown caller reports about a child abuse case being treated at the hospital ,the pregnant cop ( Loena)  plans to visit the hospital with her team . Some of the findings from the initial investigation is enough for the efficient officer to conclude about something suspicious about the case and she starts her detailed interrogation with the family members, mainly the kid’s father Aravind( Jayasurya) who is going through a bad phase due to pressure at work place .

Who is that unknown caller who has reported the case of suspected child abuse?  Why is the honest cop so sure about something seriously wrong with the incident which under normal circumstances should appear like an accident. Is anyone hiding the truth during the investigation process?  When the final verdict about the case is out after set of investigative procedures, does the officer’s instincts about the suspects and foul play match with the final results?

The beauty of the thriller is how several relevant issues can be centred around a single incident and that is where the writing has been so effective . Apart from the gripping investigative procedure, some of the issues like harassment at workplace , dealing with hyperactive kids , wrongdoings in a medical profession , family and friends trying to deal with a desperate situation have been wonderfully executed . Director Prasobh Vijayan makes sure that the emotional thriller is an engaging watch without any single dull moment throughout. He shows his class handling some sensitive scenes which are debatable like the pregnant cop interrogating a mother going through such a bad phase which may look insensitive, but it is  a matter of professional ethics for the honest cop . There is also a scene in the second half  which shows to what extremes a normal person can  go when exposed to a desperate situation , but this is truly disturbing .Also when one tries to predict something , there is a twist which proves you wrong making this one a compelling watch

Jayasurya is simply terrific, look out for his brilliant act when he sits by his son’s side  at the hospital , that concerned look during the interrogation scenes and  outburst towards the climax . Shruthi Ramachandran and vijay babu play their part quite well. Leona Lishoy with that thinking and intelligent expressions during the interrogation does a commending job. Lena is simply first rate and perfect choice for the role of a strict looking Nurse

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