Aranyak Review ( 3.5/5)

Aranyak Review ( 3.5/5) – Parambrata Chatterjee and Raveena Tandon’s suspenseful ride will keep you guessing

This suspenseful web series streaming on Netflix has been directed by Vinay Waikul and stars Raveena Tandon ,Ashutosh Rana , Parambrata Chatterjee ,Indraneil Sengupta ,Zakir Hussain and others

It starts on an interesting note with a new threat starting to surface in a beautiful town flooded with tourists. The body of a foreign tourist Aimee Baptist is found hanging from a tree which reminds local people of a similar crime that had taken place almost two decades back. The entire town starts speculating that “Leopard man “is back and has started killing again. This special name was given after seeing the manner in which previous victims were attacked. This beautiful place looks peaceful from outside but has a darker side and interesting set of characters. Politician Jagadmaba who is trying to protect her son on parole, who was last seen with Aimee, also has to deal with another influential business man in the town Manhas who wants his project to be approved. He is also trying to cover his would be son-in-law who is shaky after the horrific incident. SHO Kasturi Dogra,one of the main characters is upset as the challenging case goes to her replacement Angad  as she chose to take long term leave just before the case. Her daughter Nutan gets involved as her boyfriend is also one of the suspects. Angad an able officer new to the town has a mysterious past. Apart from these Aimee’s mother ,a drug addict and her boyfriend are also included in the list of suspects . In addition, there is a decent looking hotelier also comes under the scanner. Apart from suspects, one person Kasturi ‘s father-in-law who had come close catching this leopard man when he was on duty 2 decades ago . So what happens next forms the rest of the story

So we have a case of a copycat serial killer with a special name which builds curiosity with a long list of suspects. The starting episode is an introduction to the crime scene and major suspects. The series picks up momentum sharply from 3rd episode with a lot of twists and maintains it till the superb climax. Almost every character is a suspect with a solid reason, the main factor which keeps the view guessing .Apart from suspense, sensitive issues like a lady officer dealing with domestic issues have been demonstrated well. The most interesting part is the clue leading to identify the leopard man has been executed cleverly. Some of the brilliantly shot scenes , Leopard  spotted close to Dogra’s house and Kasturi showing presence of mind in dealing it , Angad and Kasturi interrogating Kanthi , Kasturi requesting her husband to stop , when he fails to listen ,she is forced to show her power  and the thrilling climax. The beautiful visuals of the town and the climax location are stunning. With so many positives, there also some loose ends, Angad making an effort to translate even basic things to Kasturi is surprising as the place is filled with foreign tourists. Kasturi ‘s daughter an intelligent small town girl sending her videos to her boy friend ,Kasturi showing her frustration on Angad initially ,those expressions treating him like an enemy not fully justified

About the performances, Parambrata Chatterjee playing Angad is superb. It is a classy and a controlled performance dealing with a challenging hi profile case involving multiple suspects. One of his best scenes is when he loses his cool after he spots the person who has kidnapped his son. Raveena Tandon playing kasturi Dogra is brilliant. A proper balance was needed while portraying a strict officer hunting down criminals and to show a lot maturity while dealing with her husband suffering from complex , Raveena Tandon does full justice to both . Meghna mailk playing Jagadmaba is classy and impressive , clearly makes her presence felt .Wishveash Sharkohli as bunty is confident and shows promise so is Taneesha joshi  playing Nutan dogra .Tejaswi Dev as Kanthi rocks in that interrogation scene.Vivek Madan is perfect as a frustrated husband . Zakir Husain playing shrewd cunning Manhas is effective. Ashuthosh Rana leaves an impact with a major contribution in solving the case. Indraneil sengupta playing Manhas’s son-in-law is bang on target with that overstressed look . Breshna Khan plays Julie Baptist which is one of the most confusing characters as we are not able to decide if she is really sorry for her daughter. Breshna is perfectly cast as a foreigner getting involved with drugs and she is pretty decent in sensitive scenes while coping with her daughter’s death .Anna  Ador Playing Aimee is cute and Bubbly . Mahesh Shetty playing Omi chawla id first rate

Solid suspenseful plot and decent performances makes Aranyak a worth watch

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