Arishadvarga Movie Review

Arishadvarga Movie Review ( 3/5) – A decent murder mystery with a different treatment that works well

Looks like mystery thriller genre is becoming immensely popular and we are offered yet another Murder Mystery but all depends on to what extent the movie keeps the audience guessing and if it has stuff to be termed as an edge of a seat thriller.

An interesting start with a petty thief at the murder spot ,spots with two interesting characters . While trying to escape, cops starts chasing him, ultimately leading them to the Murder of a famous business man and movie producer  Manjunath  ( Avinash) . Among the two characters found at the murder scene, Anish ( Mahesh Bung) is a gigolo and has reached the producer’s place responding to call from a customer. The other girl is an aspiring actress who rejects the marriage proposals and keeps giving countless auditions. From the initial investigation, all the three characters are suspects but the mystery deepens when the producer’s wife ( Anju Alva Naik) is interrogated. Some of the family’s dark secrets, torture, additional characters and some stories linking to the already identified suspects are revealed. The investing officer ( Nandagopal) with his unorthodox  interrogation starts his Analysis and finds different versions of the story which keeps the audience guessing

The murder mystery surely manages to hold the interest of the viewer with interesting set of characters. Lot of lies, deceptive characters and their version of the story make the movie highly engaging. Also it succeeds heavily in terms of the new treatment as there are multiple songs which perfectly fit into the main plot .The experiment of including several songs perfectly in a suspenseful ride so effectively is a big plus for the director Arvind Kamath .Although issues like male ego and small town boys falling prey into big city crimes works to a certain extent along with moderate shock value offered in the climax. Also the first half is more gripping than the second half especially the initial scenes with superb background music and the introduction of various characters

Nandagopal and  Anju Alva Naik steal the show with their  superb performances . Portraying the role of an investigating officer Nandagopal keeps low profile with a lot of intensity, his expressions says it all during the interrogation. Having bagged a meaty role ,Anju Alva is simply first rate ,natural to the core, so effortlessly lives her character  and is simply in full command right from the word go .  Mahesh Bung town with his chiselled plus innocent looks is perfectly cast as a gigolo from a small town. Avinash plays his role quite well, more aggression levels needed in some of the sequences though. Samyuktha Hornad tries to make an impact during the initial scenes of the thriller

Overall, a decent Murder mystery which manages to keep the audience engaged throughout

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