Article 15 Movie review – Thought provoking investigative thriller

Article 15 Movie review – Thought provoking investigative thriller

When Ayaan Ranjan( Ayushmann Khurrana) polished IPS Officer , given responsibility to maintain Law and order in a rural area, on the way to his office discovers interesting facts about caste discrimination. There is already  challenge waiting for him as 2 of the 3 teenage missing girls from particular community  are found hanging which is suspected to be honour killing, quite common in those areas. Despite the efforts from his officer ( Manoj Pahwa) to close the case ,also being aware of political pressure he finds it more interesting and wants to dig deeper. Those thought-provoking message exchanges with his girlfriend ( Isha Talwar) motivates him a lot and starts discovering interesting facts about the case. Simply stunned when he finds out about the reason and the mode of death, makes up his mind to provide justice to the 2 girls and to locate the 3rd missing girl. Meanwhile this case takes a sensational turn as politicians are in a hurry to bank on this tragedy. Does the system controlled by politicians allow him to punish the culprits? How does he manage the pressure from the  Top ? What happens to the 3rd Missing Girl ?

Director Anubhav sinha has handled this hard hitting investigative thriller in an efficient way. Despite such a serious theme, he manages to hold viewer’s attention with a solid script, thanks to some witty dialogues as well. It was important that the movie does not turn  out be  a preachy documentary and this is where Anubhav sinha  scores heavily. He is about to give the whole picture about various castes and Hierarchy in one single since which has been cleverly shot. Dirt piling up on streets and drain issues in front of the police station clearly shows how the life goes upside down and the importance of the people handling these responsibilities. It is Ewan Mulligan ‘s cinematography which  clearly is another highlight of the Movie. Handling of those Night scenes, green village fields with a foggy backdrop, a massive lake where the search is going on, each one is being superbly shot.

Ayushmann Khurrana looks very polished and plays his character with lot maturity and Intensity. Despite looking composed, he knows to raise his voice when required. While he is questioning each of his officers about their  caste , his restlessness when he is unable to find his little girl at home, his anger after  someone close to him admits about the crime , his surprise when he discovers about twist in the tale through his friend, his interactions with Nassar about the case, Ayushman Khurana is simple outstanding. Manoj Pahwa trying for a big cover up excels along with Kumud Mishra who is funny with his understanding of the 4 letter word. Mohammed Jeeshan and Isha Talwar get limited scope,Sayani  Guptha is first rate. Nassar as senior CBI Officer is classy and dignified

Overall this thought-provoking , Investigative crime thriller is a must Watch for its superb performances, efficient direction and superb visuals

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