Ashwathama Movie Review( 2.75/5): Decent Psychological Thriller

It has been often noticed that while handling a decent suspense thriller, writers adopt various techniques, either they completely concentrate on the mystery part giving maximum time for the investigation and chills or  try to mix some emotional quotient trying to attract the  family audience . Let us analyse the latest suspense thriller Ashwathama directed by Ramana Teja ,which is packaged with  some family sentiments and spine chilling moments

The story is about youngster Gana( Naga Shaurya)  who is over protective of his little sister, is in a state of shock after discovering about  her pregnancy under abnormal circumstances . It is a real complex situation when his sister is not able to recollect any incident that might have led to her present condition .After exhibiting high degree of maturity in handling the sensitive situation ,  he simultaneously starts investigating the mysterious case of pregnancy.  The case gets more interesting with a similar case surfacing with a girl committing suicide after realising about her strange pregnancy .Some important clues lead Gana to possible suspects who are somehow connected to the kidnapping of girls in the city using strange techniques. Despite Gana’s heroics the culprits manage to escape, but further investigation leads to the identification of the kidnappers who are unfortunately found to be missing

What is the mystery behind girls getting pregnant without their knowledge?  How are the possible suspects chased down by Gana related to the high profile crime in the city and what happens to them ? What are the set of clues that lead Gana to reach the main person behind the crimes? What is the motive behind kidnapping, killings and strange pregnancy?

The movie has a solid premise offering good psychological suspense thriller content to hold the attention of the viewers. Director Ramana Teja has been good with some brilliant chase sequences, handling character of villain providing some spine chilling moments and suspense element making Ashwathama a pretty decent watch. However, the execution falters when the movie swings between emotional content and suspenseful thrilling encounters. It would have been much better if director Ramana Teja had concentrated more on the thriller part than those forced romantic angle and some family sentiments which dilutes the overall impact. Ghibran’s BGM is strictly okay,

Naga shaurya is in a solid form and tries his level best to elevate the standards of this thriller with his intense performance, excelling equally in scenes demanding emotions and hard-core action during the investigation. The portrayal of menacing villain by Jissu Senguptha has been really impactful. With his polished looks and disturbing violent act, he delivers a knockout performance. The character of Mehreen pirzaada looks forced just to provide some glamour quotient which she plays quite well


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