Asuraguru Movie Review ( 2/5) :Heist thriller suffers due to flawed writing and weak execution

Asuraguru Movie Review ( 2/5) :Heist thriller suffers due to flawed writing and weak execution

Heist thrillers always are a treat to watch with some mind-blowing action , cat and mouse chase , daredevil stunts and lot of twists keeping the audience entertained. Vikram Prabhu ‘s Asura Guru has multiple Heist sequences to provide wholesoeme entertainment but the director ‘s ability to successfully execute the plot needs detailed analysis

The movie is bang on target with a high profile train robbery , where a single person , performing daredevil stunts on a fast moving train , enters the compartment with the  RBI cash box and in no time finishes his job without leaving any trace. As the investigation is in full swing, Shakthi( Vikram Prabhu) plans his next robbery  and this time targeting  the son of a Hawal operator and uses technology more than stunts to loot huge amount of money from the moving car . Totally clueless, the Police department wants their efficient officer Manickavasagam ( Subbaraju) who has submitted his resignation, to take up the high profile investigation . In parallel, the hawala opearator appoints a famous detective Dia( Mahima Nambiar) to solve the case. Despite the on-going double investigation, Shakthi completes his third task of looting money from another criminal in a crowded market area, that too, with both the investigators around. As it becomes clear to the investigating officer  that someone from the departmet is leaking information about the source of huge amount of money , he plans to trap the clever criminal with an information about the massive cash deposited in a famous bank . At the same time, Dia succeeds in figuring out the man behind the high profile robberies, after reaching his home, waiting for shakthi to arrive, attacks him and is in a state of shock looking at something unusual

What is main trigger point driving shakthi to involve in those dangerous crimes? How does Dia deal with shakthi after knowing about him ? What happens to the truck load of cash which is hidden somewhere?  What is the final intelligent twist in the climax ?  Who wins in the cat and mouse between the investigating Officer and Tech Savy Criminal?

The movie which starts on a promising note with the two robbery sequences which are quite interesting, gradually loses the plot, leading to a tiring and slow post interval scenes, only manages to recover a bit towards some intelligent writing towards the climax. Despite an interesting core plot , the heist thriller suffers due to flawed writing and weak execution . Vikram Prabhu  playing the role of Shakthi , whose character suffers from some average writing fails to elevate the standards .The higher energy level needed in the robbery sequences is missing but performs well  during the scene where the trigger about the robbery is revealed . It is a fantastic opportunity for Mahima Nabiar to showcase her talent as she gets parallel role with the hero , but fails to capitalise , only to end up with a strictly oaky performance . SubbaRaju plays his part quite well.

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