Asuran Movie Review( 4/5)

Based on the subject and treatment, good performances and rich visuals, the movies with the rural theme have been highly successful at the box-office. Let us the analyse the Dhanush starrer  Asuran based on the novel by Poomani

The movie starts with Shivasamy ( Dhanush) and his son Chidambaram ( Karunas)  running for survival in the forest routes best known to them .They have to save themselves from the gang , getting clear  instructions from Venkatesh ( Pawan) to avenge the death of his brother Vaddakuran( Aadukalam Naren). The entire land in that region belongs to Vaddakuran except a small piece owned by Shivasamy’s family. The problem starts with the influential brothers not able to take the land from shivasamy and starts taking a serious turn when pachaiyamal( Manju Warrior) , shivasamy’s bold wife, protests Vaddakuran’s decision  about installing the well pump. With the verbal fight tuning violent, her elder son Murugan teaches a strong lesson to the Vaddakuran family for insulting his mother. This is just the beginning of the revenge story which is followed by series of incidents, eventually leading to the brutal murder of Murugan , infront of his brother Chidambaram. Not able to understand his father ‘s attitude, Chidambaram takes a bold step to avenge his brother’s death and  , kills Vaddakuran, comes home and pretends as if nothing happened. Having realised the seriousness of the situation and the possible outcome, shivasamy decided to split the family members ,he along with his son Chidambaram, Pachiyamal and daughter  take different paths to escape . This survival run shows the actual face of shivasamy , who has been continuously insulted by Chidambaram for not retaliating  and caring for the family. At certain point of time,shivasamy narrates his story which has a  big dark past and the reason behind controlling his aggression and being calm for a solid reason

How does shivasamy protect  his family from the aggressive gang? What about the dark past of Shivasamy which makes him adopt non violet approach as much as possible?   Who helps shivasamy to take the necessary actions in order to save his son ? Will he able to save his family?

The Movie is a gripping revenge tale with solid script and some extraordinary performances from the entire cast. It also boasts about   some brilliant visuals and solid fight sequences. Director Vetrimaaran scores heavily in creating those tense moments, dealing with the caste based discrimination in an fast paced thriller. Although the entire movie is highly gripping, the pre interval portions are simply spectacular. With the major portions shot brilliantly in the night, those scenes when they try to hunt down the pig, parents mourning in front of their son;s mutilated body and the fight just before the interval , simply marvellous

Dhanush steals the show with his master class act. His portrayal of older shivasmay shows more concern for his family, his pain and helplessness in protecting the family is evident. Not even a single scene he gives an impression of going the over the top, can be easily rated as a flawless performance. The younger shivasamy excels in terms of being more aggressive and vocal. Manju warrior as his bold wife is terrific, her outburst after discovering Murugan’s body shows she is one of the finest actors around. Also such roles provides encouragement for several female stars , indicating they don’t have to stick to routine character roles after certain age. Ken karunas playing Chidambaram excels as a teenager taking instant decisions on anything hurting his family and also when he confronts his father calling him a coward. Karunas clearly leaves an impact. Ammu Abhirami is first rate. Prakash  Raj role plays  part well, a bit short one though .

Overall Ausran is a must watch for all those who are in love with the quality cinema.


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