Atrangi Re Movie Review

Atrangi Re Movie Review (3/5) : Big Thumbs Up to Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan

Aanand . L . Rai ‘s Atrangi Re streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar  boasts of a stellar star cast that includes Akshay Kumar , Sara Ali Khan , Dhanush and going by the trailers ,this has  managed to create a lot of curiosity ,mainly about the storyline . If it follows the same old, tried and tested triangular love story formula or has something new to offer , let us find out with the overall analysis of the movie

Atrangi Re opens with Rinku trying to elope with someone and a big gang chasing her. During the process, Vishu takes a brief notice about the crazy girl. It is not the first time for highly spirited Rinku as she had done it several times but she will not utter a word about her mysterious lover to her family .Rinku’s granny fed up with her antics, wants to get her married to any guy and just happens that Vishu becomes bakra. After Rinku’s family manages to get them married forcefully, the couple start discussing personal lives during their travel to delhi . Vishu is planning to get engaged in Chennai soon and Rinku wants to settle with her magician boyfriend and so both are happy to certain extent. Unfortunately for Vishu things don’t go as planned and there are more surprises when Rinku introduces Sajjad  Khan with whom she had eloped several times . What is the major twist at this point and what happens in the lives of these three interesting characters forms the rest of the story

Atrangi Re has a different, unpredictable story line that is sure to surprise the audience. The manner in which a mental health condition has been dealt has to be applauded. Without any room for depressing factors, the treatment is loaded with craziness and loads of humour. More interesting aspect is the person treated has no clue about the disorder and also big thumbs up for the writing and execution about completely curing a specific condition with proper analysis  .Although the overall treatment indicates Atrangi Re mood , the characters , Rinku and Vishu , emotions that they go through are really complex . Director Aanand Rai manages to extract superior performances from the star cast which is another major plus for the movie . When Vishu tries to communicate with Sajjad Khan , it is out and out funny but the scenes that follow during second half drags a bit .At this point , writing and execution had to be crisp ,fortunately thing pick up as we head towards an amazing climax  which is clear , impactful and gripping .Some things lacking logic like  Rinku’s family getting her married to anyone and Vishu keeping Rinku in the college campus should also have been taken care of . Technically, the movie is colourful, complementing the craziness to a great extent

About the performances, Sara Ali khan playing Rinku effortlessly delivers a flawless performance. Playing such a complex character is not easy and she is impactful from the first scene till the amazing climax. The madness and craziness of Rinku , her love and confusion about hero worship and marriage dilemma  , Sara Ali Khan has been simply simply brilliant , one of her fine performances till date. Playing another complex character Vishu , Dhanush delivers a knockout performance. He is delightful when he is dancing alone and not knowing how to react to while dealing with Sajjad khan , anyone would feel for him ,a truly amazing act. He is at his best while expressing his love for Rinku for the first time in tamil . Akshay Kumar is adorable and elevates the climax with his solid , powerful act

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