Avane Srimannarayana Movie Review:Rakshith Shetty is the heart and soul of this thriller

Avane Srimannarayana Movie Review:Rakshith Shetty is the heart and soul of this thriller offering complete different viewing experience

After watching countless formula based movies, the audience are keen on different subject offering them complete unique experience. Directed by Sachin , the recent Rakshit Shetty starrer which is a Thriller based on Treasure hunt has a complete different setup ,needs to be analysed if this is packaged with necessary ingredients to provide wholesome entertainment

The story starts with a drama troupe indulging in massive loot and the landlord controlling the Abhira’s clearly unhappy with their act. When each of the members from the troupe are mercilessly killed by the landlord, there is a helpless bandmaster who loses his mental stability after watching the heinous crime. Although the evil landlord wants his son Tukaram( Pramod shetty) to take his position , it is his more courageous and seven feet tall step brother Jayaram( Balaji Manohar) takes control of Amaravathi  and is desperate to get rid of each and every family member of the drama troupe involved in the loot. After 15 years, enters the lively cop Narayana( Rakshith shetty)who never seem to lose his cool and has his own ways of handling different people .With his set of strategies, he handles the Ram step brothers perfectly and has a new plan to reach some of the members of the drama troupe who may be having some clues to the hidden treasure. His plan works perfectly as he is he is held captive by some of the members of the troupe who wants their community to vacate the place even before the last play. It is pretty clear to Narayana that the last play Samudra manthan has important clues which hold the key to the hidden treasure

How does Narayana manage the drama troupe people who want to vacate before the last play? How does he intelligently use the clues provided by the play Samudra Manthan? Will he successfully recover the valuable treasure?

The Movie which is basically a Treasure Hunt thriller has been successful in providing complete different viewing experience. Technically rich fantasy thriller has some visually stunning sets and some brilliantly choreographed songs , the best one being the srimannaraya signature step . The set which reminds of cowboy and western heritage is perfect. The technical aspects combined with the timely comic punches keep the atmosphere lively throughout

Rakshith Shetty clearly steals the show and manages to keep the audience entertained. His perfect comic timing and those effortless expressions makes him such a top class entertainer. The talented actor lights up the screen with his presence and amazing acting abilities. Shanvi Srivastava with her simple, girl next door looks is a perfect find and plays her role to perfection. Balaji Manohar with his serious and evil looks is impressive. Pramod shetty  and Achyuth kumar play their part well. Gopalkrishna Deshpande playing Bandmaster proves that he is such a terrific performer

The running time of 186 minutes which is too long could have been trimmed by  at least  25 minutes. At times, it looks like some of the scenes are forced slowing down the overall pace. When more clues about the hunt starts surfacing , it gets more interesting that improves the pace of the fantasy thriller ; Director and writer could have added more mystery elements and timely twists to make it much more interesting

Overall, the brilliance from Rakshith shetty , stunning visuals and totally different viewing experience this one is definitely a worth Watch

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