Ayushman Bhava Movie Review( 3/5) : An engaging musical family entertainer

Family entertainers  with good music , stunning visuals, Mystery and splendid performances ,have been blockbusters with the audience from all age groups contributing t to the success of these feel good cinema. Directed by P Vasu, the latest Shiva Rajkumar  starrer Ayushman Bhava falling in the similar category is analysed below  if it is packaged properly to deliver wholesome entertainment

The story starts on a suspenseful note with a bunch of goons attacking a mysterious person, gunshots fired , leading to a ultimate fire tragedy on a moving train ,The  reason for attacking the person and the details of casualties unknown. After couple of years, the story shifts to a happy joint family, where there is loads of love among the family members. The head of the family is happy go lucky Gopi( Ananth Nag) ,who shows his sense of humour while hanging out with his retired friends , but is serious and emotional regarding  any issues  concerning his family. During one of the family functions at home, enters Krishna( Shiva Rajkumar) who is able to impress family members with his smart moves and joins as a care taker to Gopi. When Krishna hears some strange sounds from the outhouse, he realises all is not well within the happy family and is able to find out about the mysterious happenings. A series of incidents leads Krishna to Laxmi ( Rachita Ram), Gopis’ favourite granddaughter , who has lost her memory following a tragic incident . An interesting fact about Laxmi responding to sounds, makes Krishna  more curious and is confident that he has found the right therapy to cure her. At this  point of time , with Laxmi showing some progress following  Krishna’s treatment, the family takes a crucial decision about Laxmi which makes Krishna change his plans


What exactly is happening in the outhouse which is making the family restless?. What is that tragic incident that led  Laxmi losing her mental balance ? Why does laxmi respond so quickly to music?   What about the sudden decision taken by the family members about Laxmi ? What are the various techniques adopted by Krishna to cure Laxmi?  How is Krishna and Gopi’s family related to the Train incident that is shown in the beginning?

The movie starts like a suspense thriller and to compliment it, the happenings in the outhouse generate a lot of curiosity among the audience. The focus later on shifts to the family sentiments and light humour. After moving at a normal place during the first half, the movie starts gathering momentum during the post interval . The stunning visuals, fantastic aerial shots and of course superb music by Gurukiran makes this one a great viewing experience. Director P Vasu has all the commercial ingredients mixed in right proportions and his handling of some of the scenes , like the one where Krishna tries to cure Laxmi through music ,are  really gripping . Although it is not an out and out suspense thriller , has the mystery element to keep the viewer guessing , predictable to certain extent  though.

Shiva Rajkumar is highly efficient as krishna , his intelligent and matured handling of rehabilitation process through music , makes  Ayushman bhava an engaging watch . Rachita Ram has bagged a dream role providing ample scope to showcase her talent and is pretty decent, Anant Nag is so adorable , playing both serious and hilarious moments with perfection . Sadhu kokila and the rest of the support cast play their part quite well .

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