Baaghi 3 Movie Review (2.5/5): Tiger Shroff raises the bar of this action thriller

Baaghi 3 Movie Review (2.5/5): Tiger Shroff raises the bar of this action thriller

As the Baaghi franchise grew, the magnitude of action and daredevils stunts performed by the common factor Tiger Shroff took a huge leap and his latest outing deals with the macho hero confronting the dangerous terrorist organisation in Syria . In addition to the mind-blowing action, there is also focus on brother sentiments, needs to be analysed if these two factors can contribute to the overall success of the movie

Ever since their childhood days , Ronnie( Tiger shroff) takes care of his elder brother  Vikram ( Riteish Deshmukh) whenever he is trouble and continues to shoulder the responsibility even as  they grow up . When Vikram gets an opportunity to be hired by the Police Department and he rejects it due to lack of confidence, Ronnie insists on grabbing it and also gives an assurance that he will be protecting him like always. During his stint as an officer, Vikram has to deal with the merciless gang headed by ruthless IPL ( Jaideep Ahlawat) which kidnaps the families and sends them to Syria and during the deadly rescue operation Vikram becomes a hero , thanks to Ronnie and the way he deals with the miscreants giving full credit to his brother. As this becomes a worry factor for Abu Jalal( Jameel Khoury) head of the most dangerous terrorist organisation , during his visit to syria to deal with the terrorist, Vikram is attacked at the hotel as Ronnie watches his brother suffer during the video call and is totally helpless at that point .With Ronnie’s girl friend  Siya( Shraddhaa Kapoor) accompanying  him to syria, they are exposed to some strange treatment from the cops during the investigation about Vikram’s disappearance. Fortunately they are assisted by a petty thief Akthar Lahori( Vijay Verma)  with good contacts . How Ronnie deals with Abu Jalal and his massive army to rescue his brother and countless families forms the crux of the story

The movie is an out and out action entertainer with the entre focus on Tiger shroff and his action sequences. The well-choreographed action scenes are truly exciting and spectacular, a big treat for the lovers of the specific genre. Even the brother sentiments works to an extent which also gives some relief from non-stop action, proven irritating at times

However, due to flawed writing the movie suffers badly,  Ronnie dealing with the local goons was acceptable, here the entire army has been confronted by someone without any professional training. Siya being a part of dangerous mission, what kind of expertise has she got to assist Ronnie?  An improved writing would have helped to enhance the effects

Tiger Shroff clearly steals the show with some mind-blowing action and his sincerity in making every sequence special and entertaining is clearly evident. Ritiesh Deshmukh and his sense of humour are adorable. Shraddha kapoor with mouthful of gaalis is full of energy and definitely she deserves better roles. Vijay Verma plays his part well . Jameel Khoury essaying the important role of Abu Jalal is at his best when he escapes disguising as a rag-picker, overall act less menacing though. In spite of the character of IPL played by Jaideep Ahlawat is confusing with mixed emotions, actor plays it to perfection what has been offered to him

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