Babru Movie review: Visually stunning, Mysterious road trip that keeps you guessing till the end

Extensively shot in the US, Babru begins with an ambitious youth Arjun (Mahi Hiremath) who has to reach Vancouver to propose to his girlfriend. After arriving late at the car rental office, Arjun discovers that his car has already been given to Sana( Suman Nagarkar) who happens to be a kannadiga. Having left with no options, both agree to travel together to their final destination. Initially hesitant to accommodate another stranger, they finally decide to take only Spanish speaking person on board. Apart from the trio in a road journey, there is another character Rico( Sunny Moza) who keeps mercilessly killing people crossing his path and his lover is held captive. As the journey progresses through some superb locations, suddenly the Spanish stranger looks suspicious as he starts searching the car during the night

What is the Spanish Stanger desperately searching for? How is Rico connected to Babru? How the various subplots relate to the thrilling climax?

The movie is an engaging watch with the solid script, stunning locations and multiple subplots. Stylishly shot in the US, Director Sujay Ramaiah ensures the movie is fast paced and manages to keep the viewer guessing till the end. Super stylish and polished Suman Nagarkar is highly impressive who proves that Babru is a brilliant comeback vehicle for the talented actress. Mahi Hiremath playing youth who happened to at the wrong place is highly effective. Without any dialogues, Sunny Moza is deadly as a gruesome killer. The background score manages to enhance the thrills and the song “Shankaane” brings instant smile on the face.

Overall Babru is a neat and brilliant effort which is highly successful in providing solid entertainment

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