Bala Movie Review(3.75/5) :Ayushmann Khurranna says Bald & Beautiful in his own style

A simple story with a relevant message, superb performances from the talented cast and some feel good hilarious moments, has contributed heavily to the success of several Ayushmann Khurranna Starrers. His latest release Bala deals with the emotions of a balding person who cares a lot about his appearance.

The story starts with a school kid Bala( Ayushmann Khurranna) flaunting his hairstyle , mimicking Bollywood stars ,considers himself a big hero and also good at insulting his classmate Lathika( Bhumi Pednekar) for her dark complexion.  When he grows up, Bala takes up marketing job along with part time stand-up comedian mimicking Bollywood stars, hobby that continued from his school days. Unfortunately, there is a big turnaround of events for him as he is going through balding process and deeply worried about his appearance, starts experimenting with various techniques that may help him grow new hair. After realising it is difficult to achieve his goals through natural methods, he even agrees to take up alternative techniques which are not successful due to the possibility of infections and problems associated with those due to his diabetes. Totally fed up, finally he finds final solution, a wig gifted by his father. During this time, he falls in love with Pari( Yami  Gautam) , able to impress her with his talent and his artificial hair. Just before the marriage, Bala’s plans to disclose about his hair, fails due to the SMS delivered to the wrong person, which leaves him with only option to wait for the right time after marriage to reveal everything. On the other hand, Lathika becomes a popular lawyer, her aunt is in a continuous process of finding right boy for her, keeps requesting Bala to modify her picture on social media for which Bala obliges. When Lathika discovers about this, she turns aggressive about the picture, lands at Bala;s house, starts threatening him. After this episode, Pari is able to find out the hidden truth about Bala, totally disappointed, immediately leaves Bala’s house. Now there is a fraud case against Bala for hiding crucial details about the marriage and Bala goes to the same class mate Lathika to fight his case

Will Bala win the case and reunite with Pari ? What about Pari;s stance after discovering  she has married a bald person?  How does Lathiks fight for Bala ? what would be Bala’s final  conclusion about the importance of appearance  in life?

Directed by Amar Kaushik and written by Niren Bhatt, Bala has been able to point out several issues, keeping the audience entertained throughout.  Without a single dull moment, Director Amar Kaushik manages to deliver the message and the issues in between those dialogues and hilarious moments. The movie mainly talks about being happy about your appearance, at some point of time true love and the accomplishments in life would take over the looks. The scene where Bala shows his frustration on his father reflects the mentality of modern day children who wants to blame their parents for their failures.  In some ways, the mind-set of a small time model banking heavily on her looks, not able to accept a bald husband is justified from her perspective. Lathika’s outburst about the trauma of a five year old girl for being targeted for her dark complexion speaks volumes about the society. At the reunion, Bala apologising to his teacher, makes us question why do we apologise so late to our teachers , why do we even make such mistakes to hurt them , even in our childhood days

Ayushmann Khurranna is simply terrific showing the frustration and pain of a balding youngster. Apart from the dilemma in revealing facts to his girlfriend, apologising to his teacher at the reunion, screaming at his father, one of the scenes, after discovering actual facts about the importance of appearance, the satisfied feeling that shows on this face, clearly proves he is one the finest actors around. Yami Gautam, playing small time melodramatic model with heavy makeup, is perfect when she asks Bala about accepting him , if he is not able see himself on the mirror properly. Bhumi Pednekar is natural to the core clearly showing the pain due to the insults that she had faced all her life due to her complexion. Saurab Shukla is  first rate


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