Bharaate Movie Review

Bharaate Movie Review( 3/5): Srimurali shines in this colourful commercial entertainer

Srimurali starrer Bharaate boasts of pure commercial entertainer with right does of action , family sentiments , romance , comedy , twists and visually appealing colourful shots. The movie starts with some goons trying to loot the tourists visiting Jodhpur, who are saved by our Macho Guide Jagan( srimurali) , who not only injures them ,but also treats them  with his solid Ayurvedic knowledge.  When his parents ( Suman & Thara)  are trying to find right match for him,Jagan instantly falls for Radha( Sreeleela) who lands in his hometown. When Jagan realises that Radha’s intentions of committing suicide, he saves her and gives her some piece of mind. Jagan’s mother takes him to her native to perform an important Pooja as per the instructions from the priest during his childhood. It is time for the family reunion when Jagan’s uncle recognises them and Radha is also spotted at the same place. There is an introduction to the Powerful Ballal family ,willing to go to any extremes to exhibit their supremacy. The Ballals have their own set of enemies who keep attacking them , but things get serious when they kill three wrestler sons from the Varadappa Nayak family. After the couple of meetings, when Jagan and Radha express their love, Radha is kidnapped

What is the story behind couple of people plotting to eliminate Ballal Family? Why are some goons after Radha and her connection with the Ballals? How does Jagan win his love against all odds? What is the Mystery surrounding Jagan and his special healing powers using Ayurveda ?

Direction by Chetan Kumar makes the first half very interesting generating curiosity among the audience. Every frame looks like a beautiful painting, there is right dose of comedy , romance and action . With more characters and subplots, the second half is comparatively less gripping. The movie needs to be trimmed by at least 15 minutes which can offer better pace

Srimurali is a real to real treat to watch and excels in comedy and action scenes, With his terrific screen presence, colourful costumes and solid punches, he clearly leaves an impact. Sreeleela looks cute comes up with a decent performance. Among the big list of supporting actors, Saikumar, Ravi Shankar and Sadhukokila manage to make their presence felt

Overall, Baraate has necessary ingredients to keep the audience entertained throughout, making it a worth watch for the lovers of pure commercial cinema

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