Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan’ solid form makes this journey a worth watch

Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan’ solid form makes this journey a worth watch

One of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year has been released during the Eid Holidays. Looking at the promos , there was clear indication of this Eid gift from Salman will be a sure shot  blockbuster. Let us find out if the movie manages to leave up to the expectations

Bharat basically is not a story, it is a journey of an average middle class Indian who has seen everything from the Partition to the modern day Mall culture. It is definitely a noble concept and needed someone like Salman khan to do justice to this role . First part of Bharat’s  ( Salman Khan ) journey starts with violence during partition and he loses his father and younger sister when they had to board the train . His father wants him to take care of the family, promise which he tries to fulfil throughout his life. As a kid, he makes friends with Vilayati( sunil grover) ,bonding that remains forever. Next phase is when he  performs stunts in Maut ka Kuva as a bike racer  to earn some money . Taking into account the risks involved in stunts that could be misleading for youngsters, wants to find another job . Middle east opens  opportunities  where he gets to meet kumud( Katrina Kaif). It is bold and independent Kumud  who proposes to Bharth  , discovers he is not ready for any commitment.  The risks involved , plight of people working in oil fields are clearly highlighted.  Next part of journey takes them to Merchant Navy  and their interaction with Somalian pirates. Most interesting part is when popular TV Channel runs a campaign across the border to reunite people  lost during Partition. Finally,Bharath ‘s journey as a 70 year old takes him to the modern era and how he comes in terms with changing times

In this long Journey, a simple message of an average Indian Middle class risking everything   to shoulder the family responsibility is evident. Starting from  bike stunts, working in oil fields and Merchant Navy,we come across someone who is next door willing to do anything for the family

Salman Khan comes up with one of the best performances of his career. His bike stunts , scenes with Katrina , funny interactions with sunil grover , narrating story to his grandchildren, he is in a solid form . The real scene stealer is when he tries to convince his superior officer about the quality of food provided to the labour category and convinces him to have something better to deliver good outputs. Here we see a different Salman khan performing one of the best scenes in the Movie. He is in a peak form during the lost/found campaigns and this scene is so superbly shot , would make anyone weep. . It is kartina kaif who gets one of her best roles and does full justice to it. Supremely talented  sunil grover  manages to steal the show  .We should be seeing him more on the big screen. Rest of the star cast Sonali kulkarni , Jackie shroff play their part well. Disha patani with her sensational looks add to the glamour value. Tabu manages to leave a terrific impact with a small yet powerful role

Ali Abbas  Zafar  with a script to tap Salman Khan’s potential comes up with a good entertainer. He is at his best while handling some of the emotional scenes.  Trimming the movie by at least 20 min could have improved the  pace especially in the second half. Overall, this emotional, noble  journey hopping from one era to another , backed by superb performances and direction  ,makes it a worth watch.Sureshot Blockbuster!!!!

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