Bheeshma Movie Review( 3.5/5)

Bheeshma  Movie Review( 3.5/5) : A thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy

Any refreshing and feel good romantic comedies are always welcome with the entertainment quotient enhanced with an interesting backdrop. The latest Nithiin starrer Bheeshma is a simple feel good entertainer which is an absolute laugh riot and also the backdrop of organic farming making it an interesting and delightful watch

The movie begins with a desperate bachelor repeatedly failing to impress any girl  suddenly gets into serious trouble and almost on the verge of getting arrested during his latest failed mission to elope with a girl. After being rescued by his close relative with the help of ACP Deva( Sampath Raj) who after knowing about Bheesma wants the desperate youngster to report at his office for making him more responsible and disciplined. In an interesting turn of events, Bheeshma tries to impress ACP’s Daughter Chaitra( Rashmika Mandanna) who works for a reputed firm known for organic farming which is owned by another Bheeshma( Ananth Nag). The college dropout even tries to focus on the books related to organic farming and answers brilliantly to a question during the debate between Bheeshma( Senior ) and his competitor  Raghavan( Jisshu Senguptha) who wants farmers to choose chemical farming which can cause adverse health effects . Someone who was a loser suddenly transforms himself into a perfect manipulator when Chaitra starts responding positively to his feelings and the strict ACP after discovering about the affair goes crazy. Suddenly there is a twist in the tale when Bheeshma is appointed as the CEO of Bheeshma Organics and given a period of 30 days to prove himself

What is the reason behind an irresponsible college dropout given the prestigious post? Why does Bheeshma accept the challenge?  Will he be successful in tackling various challenges during his tenure as the CEO of a high profile company? What makes both ACP and Chaitra accept the transformed youth?

The movie banks heavily on the comedy and cute romance with a backdrop of organic farming. Some of the scenes are really hilarious, when Bheesma starts chatting with deva thinking that it is chaitra and those funny expressions when he switched to video call mode and also the tunnel sequence where he gives others an impression about possible happening of passionate things while car passes through the tunnel and caught with what actually he is doing can’t just stop you from laughing. Those funny dialogues and almost entire cast being part of it ensures the movie is thoroughly enjoyable. While offering a refreshing tale filled with loads of comedy and romance, director Venky Kudumula  has also ensured that the movie is fast paced  . In addition, the movie boasts of peppy music with “Singles Anthem” garnering huge response among the music lovers. The music has been superbly complemented by simple yet graceful choreography which turns wild and crazy  with the” Whattey a beauty” song

However, there are some scenes like ACP Dev hating Bheeshma for some silly incident that occurred during the childhood days and also a so called desperate loser suddenly turning out to a big time motivator is not convincing enough. So, just enjoy the chilled out comedy without trying to find any logical reason behind some events

This movie works big time, thanks to Nithiin’s impeccable comic timing. With perfect delivery of hilarious punches and those facial expressions, he is a treat to watch. Rashmika excels as a girl next door during the first half and also in her different avataar in the mass “whattey beauty” song . However her performance as a top executive and the scenes in the post interval is strictly okay . If veteran Anant Nag is dignity personified playing role of Bheehsma ,  it is Tisshu Senguptha who  does full justice to the role of  a polished and cunning business tycoon Raghavan. Sampath Kumar is okay and Vennela Kishore plays his role quite well but there that sparkle seems to be missing

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