Bhramam Movie Review (2.75/5):

Bhramam Movie Review (2.75/5): Prithviraj Sukumaran’s performance and solid subject manages to entertain

Bhramam streaming on Amazon prime stars Prithviraj sukumaran , Rashee khanna , Mamtha Mohandas , Unnimukundan  and Shankar Panicker and has been directed by Ravi k chanadran. This is a remake of Bollywood hit Andhadhun

Ray , a blind pianist  is highly enthusiastic to migrate to Europe. He meets this girl Anna accidently, who gives him an offer to sing at her dad’s hotel. Ray becomes popular at that spot and gets an offer from actor turned businessman Uday  for a private concert in order to surprise his wife on their wedding anniversary . When Ray reaches Uday’s place, a huge surprise awaits him. It is just that Ray is in wrong place at wrong time which connects him to crime and now he has to get back to normal life and how is the rest of the story all about

Bhramam has an interesting subject which offers a lot of thrills. It is the interesting characters like Ray and Simi adding a lot of value to a different storyline .Talking about the first half, the movie is fast paced and is highly engaging. The scene involving Ray at Uday’s place where a lot of things take place and then when Simi, Uday’s wife comes to Ray’s place and all that action  manages to provide good amount of thrills . I also liked the scene where Ray is frustrated and just wants to scream in front of the cops and expose the culprits is hilarious. Speaking about the visuals, it is simply stunning. Starting from Ray’s room, those painted buildings and the hotel where Ray sings looks beautiful. Something which is bit hard to digest is the fact that Ray not to showing any response, almost the same expressions even when he is exposed to some real shocking events. There is a slight dip in the pace during the post interval even it is irritating at times. The writing and direction should have been crispier at this point but towards the climax again picks up momentum. The emotions that the main charters are going through when they find it difficult to decide between good and bad and finally when the decision is taken there is an amazing twist .  However the song in the climax could have been avoided as it looks bit overstretched

Prithviraj does full justice to the role. Ray wanting to show his frustration at the police station and the way he reacts when he realises that Simi has caused real damage to him, he is at his best. During the first half , it is very controlled act  while Ray is witnessing a crime scene . Mamtha Mohandas is pretty decent as she gets a lot of scope to show her acting skills. The same role was essayed by Tabu in the original and was heavily appreciated for her superb performance. I felt that extra punch was missing here. Rashee khanna has to look cute and provide extra glamour and she does it really well . Unnimukundan is okay with almost the same expression in all his scenes

Without comparing it with the original and if treated as a new subject, one would find it mostly entertaining

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