Bigil Movie Review(3.5/5)

Bigil Movie Review(3.5/5): Vijay is simply brilliant and impactful in this engaging sports based Movie

Any inspiring, sports based film, packaged properly with commercial ingredients is always a treat to watch . This category of movies gives in depth details about the various issues faced by sportsperson, dirty politics and the huge amount of money involved in an entertaining way. This Diwali release Bigil falls in the similar category and needs to be analysed how successful it has been in keeping the audience entertained

The story starts with students protesting the decision of a corrupt politician to shift the college campus and trying his dirty methods to silence the protesting students. We have Michael Rayappan ( Vijay) , who has lot of public support, his own ways of dealing with the people, helps the students fight for their noble cause .His friend Kathir  who is a women’s football coach , after managing to spot the hidden talents , builds the  team ready to face challenge at the National level. Suddenly when it is a brutal attack on Michael, Kathir gets severely injured leaving the talented team without the coach ahead of the  prestigious Tournament. At the hospital, Kathir wants his friend Michael to coach the team. He narrates the story of Bigil ( Michael)  who had achieved a lot of success and was even selected to play  football at the national level . The hidden truth about Vijay ‘s father Rayappan , a ganagster  with the helping nature and fighting for the noble cause is disclosed. The relation between father and son shows a lot of love, mutual respect and concern for each other

What is the reason behind the transformation of talented Bigil to gangster Michael Rayappan? How does the Team of young girls respond when asked to accept Michael as their coach? How does Bigil impress the Team? How does he start building and inspiring the team? What are the complications faced by Bigil during the important matches? How does he fill confidence in some of the talented team members who already quit the game? How does he motivate the team during the crunch situations in a crucial match?

Director Atlee clearly has a winner in his hands. He has handled the relationship between the father and son beautifully. The politics and commercial aspects of the game are exposed when the federation President makes the selection process a business. Some of the most powerful scenes include convincing the family of super talented House wife and to fill confidence in an acid attack victim to start playing for their team all over again. The scene where Bigil refuses to attack Daniel Balaji in front of his own kid and the reason given is thought-provoking. The stadium looks stunning and the matches have been superbly shot. A.R Rahman’s music is good and apt for the subject

Vijay playing dual role delivers one of his finest performances. He is superb as concerned father who wants his son to excel in football and not gangster like him. Initially not knowing how to convince the team of girls who insult him, his methods to impress the team is simply marvellous. The scene when he stays outside the door of the acid attack victim and his inspiring words, simply first rate. During the final countdown, his motivational techniques are highly impressive. The players in Bigil’s team are natural and their performance makes Bigil , a gripping watch. Nayanathara as Bigil’s love interest plays her part and is at her best trying to convince husband of an ace player in successfully getting her back into the team. Other supporting cast, vivek, yogi , Balaji, Kathir ,Jachie shroff and Arjun Bajwa are quite convincing.





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