Breathe: Into the shadows Review

Breathe: Into the shadows Review – Abhishek Bachchan’s superb portrayal of complex character makes this Psychological thriller Interesting

This new web series on Amazon prime has an interesting plot based on human emotions playing a vital role in an investigative psychological thriller

There is a huge set back in the lives of happily married couple Avinash ( Abhishek Bachchan) and Abha ( Nitya Menon)  due to the sudden disappearance of their highly diabetic kid Siya. Suddenly after couple of months, the kidnapper tries to send a message to the couple, with an abnormal demand based on human emotions to keep Siya alive . Having found some hope to get back back their kid, the couple decides to go ahead with his demands and starts proper planning and executes the act . However it doesn’t take much time to realise it is just the beginning, need to be fully prepared for the series of demands bases on various set of human emotions. Also at certain point of time , Avinash starts to realise about his past linked to the acts performed by him . In parallel we have Inspector Kabir( Amit sadh) who is held responsible for an accident leading to physical disability of happy go lucky girl Meghna( Plabitha Borthakur). After his transfer to  Delhi, he takes up the case of strange murders getting viral on media and happens to meets Megha again who tries to convince the guilt driven cop  not being  responsible for the accident .We have other characters like someone suffering from perfect cleanliness disorder,strong headed successful women Nathasha( Shruthi Bapna) and a chemist trying to bury his past and lead a normal life , all somehow connected to the on-going crimes

How does the family react to those series of abnormal demands?  Who is behind the kidnapping of little girl and how does he benefit from his demands?  How are Avinash’s past and the other random persons connected to the crime?  How Kabir’s investigation leads to a shocking suspect? What is the relation between the different set of human emotions and the crimes committed?

Despite starting on a low profile note for the first few episodes, things start picking up from the fourth episode and are thoroughly gripping till the climax. Director Mayak Sharma has executed some scenes really well like the kidnapped duo’s escape plans, the initial set of murders based on Anger and Lust,  handling the patient with rare psychological disorder. Despite the mystery unravelled midway through the series, the motive behind the murders and investigative procedures that follow keeps the viewers glued to the seats. However, like in case of any psychological thrillers, set of incidents leave the viewer confused, like the limp factor and switching of personalities in some sequences. Also Kabir’s role which is the epicentre of whole investigation takes off only towards the end, budding relationship between him and Meghna also fail to take off. Background music is impressive in parts, huge improvement needed to complement some of the thrilling and suspenseful moments

Abhishek Bachchan clearly steals the show after starting the show on a low profile note. Once the complex nature of character is exposed , his performance takes a huge leap and emerges as a clear winner. As discussed Amit sadh’s role suffers during the initial episodes due to the average characterisation, but when the core investigation is on full swing, he shows a lot of promise .Nitya menon trying to do anything for her daughter is convincing. Her performance takes off during the encounter with Nathasa and gives her best when Kabir unofficially interrogates her at the hotel, which in turn elevates Amit sadh’s performance as well. Saiyami Kher has a significant role with less footage ,manages to play her part quite well. Shurthi Bapna is simply first rate, clearly is super confident, making the role impactful. Plabitha Borthakur as the role demands is full of life . The child artists Ivana Kaur ( siya) and Varin Roopani are really impressive especially the latter had to show his skills with switching of personalities and he does it superbly

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