Brother’s Day Review : Prithviraj Sukumaran and Prasanna elevate the standards of this suspense thriller

Brother’s Day Review : Prithviraj Sukumaran and Prasanna elevate the standards of this suspense thriller

Brother’s Day begins with a remote village where an young kid who is very protective about his sister, brutally kills his father and his friend, planning to molest his little kid. The story shifts to Fort Kochi where Ronnie( Prithviraj Sukumarn) , a happy go lucky youngster makes his living through catering and other small time jobs. Things start changing for Ronnie, when he has to pick someone called Chandy( Vijayaraghavan) from the bus station . After couple of incidents, Ronnie and his friends develop special bonding with Chandy ,who turns out to be a rich businessman on vacation . In parallel there is introduction to another mysterious character  ( Prasanna)who is an expert is blackmailing ,killing and torturing people. The tragic side of Ronnie is revealed when he visits his sister Ruby(Prayaga Martin) at the hospital ,who is brutally attacked and her husband mercilessly killed while honeymooning in Munnar. When Chandy’s daughter Santa ( Aishwarya Lekshmi)  comes down to meet him , mysterious killer tries to contact her

What happened to that little brother and sister from the Village? Who is behind the brutal attack of Ronnie’s Sister? What is the relationship between the killer and  Santa? What is the connection between Ruby, Santa and the killer? How does someone bring an end to the brutal crimes committed by the merciless criminal?

Brother;s day has an interesting , suspenseful plot with fast paced second half. Some of the scenes are brilliantly shot providing plenty of thrills and suspense. Although there are some light moments in the pre interval, too many characters makes it bit slow. Direction by Kalabhavan Shajohn gathers moments with some superbly shot action scenes around picturesque hill station towards the climax. He is able to keep the viewer’s guessing all the time . Some improvement was needed in terms of writing, especially the first half

Prithviraj sukumaran is adorable, effortless playing a simple guy elevates an average first half. He means business while performing those serious action scenes. It is Prasanna who steals the show with his evil act , superbly supported by fantastic background score. Aishwarya Lekshmi gives a decent performance. Rest of the supporting cast   Madonna sebastin, Prayaga Martin and  Vijayaraghavan play their part well

If you love suspense Thrillers with some fun, this one is for you

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