C U Soon Movie Review

  C U Soon Movie Review (3.5/5) – An Exciting Hi- Tech emotional thriller  

The advanced technology and extensively used social media has made “C U SOON” possible during the difficult times of Lockdown due to the Covid Situation.  Let us analyse this innovative attempt consisting of  three central characters and the entire movie shot using text messaging ,video and audio chats

Without wasting any time, the movie opens with the casual chat between Jimmy ( Roshan Mathew), an executive working for a reputed bank in the Emirates  and a simple girl Anu ( Darshana rajendran) .It does not take much time for the couple to take their relationship to the next level with Jimmy introducing his newly found love to his family and even proposes to her online . After Jimmy discovers that all is not well between Anu and her dad, he makes sure that she stays with him. Suddenly, it is a shocker for Jimmy when his girlfriend goes missing and cops starts investigating him about her disappearance. In between , an interesting character , Kevin( Fahadh Faasil) , a techno Wizard and also someone close to  jimmy’s family , finds a way to check details about Anu using his brilliance and  has to dig deeper as the lover boy is in real trouble with cops all around him. The rest of the movie is about how Kevin, remotely gathers all the required information and unravels the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of Anu

Messaging, video calls and the whole investigation carried out remotely, this emotional thriller is a brilliant effort by Mahesh Narayanan. Starting from a casual love story, the movie transforms into a hi-tech investigative thriller with a lot of emotions which is also successful in showing the reality about a section of people working in the Middle East. Apart from the social media playing significant role, the superb performances from Fahdh Faasil and Roshan Mathew elevates the standards of the Movie. While essaying the role of Kevin , demanding  his hard work to be recognised, Fahadh shines during the tense investigation and not able to control his emotions at a certain stage proves his  point of being a  “normal guy”. In addition, some of the tense moments between the two central characters are highly entertaining and keep  the viewer’s guessing especially after Anu goes missing

With a lot of things happening around, this emotional thriller leaves a lot to the sensibilities of the viewer .The extensive usage of Technology and too many things happening during short duration may be confusing .However , it is not difficult to relate to the main plot and enjoy every bit of  it despite the minor flaws . For instance take the case of Kevin performing initial background check on Anu and not able to find anything but collects huge amount of data leading to the explosive truth.

Overall, big thumbs up to the entire team for such a brilliant and innovative attempt

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