Check Movie Review

Check Movie Review ( 3/5) –   A lot of mindgames and twists

The movie stars Nithiin , Rakul preeth , Priya Prakash Varrior, Sampathraj, Saichand  and others . This movie has been directed by Chandra sekhar Yeleti

Check is the name of the movie and no points for guessing, this is a thriller based on chess backdrop. About the story, among the terrorist convicted and awarded death penalty for triggering a bomb blast  killing several people , Aditya , one among them manages to impress the jailor by giving hints about the planned bomb blast in major cities . Jailer who is a good human beings now has changed attitude towards Aditya who is desperately in need of a lawyer to fight his case . Here comes Rakhul Preet , who with all that pressure from her father , takes up the case and clearly shows her disinterest while meeting her client

Please click video below  for detailed review

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