Chhichhore Movie Review: Cherishing golden moments of college life with an excellent ensemble cast

Chhichhore Movie Review: Cherishing golden moments of college life with an excellent ensemble cast

Reunions are lot of fun, cherishing those unforgettable golden moments, huge fun and mischief from college days, paying tribute to the teachers, list is endless. Chhichhore  is about special bonding shared by hostel mates and what happens during their unplanned reunion following a serious incident

When ego clashes lead to divorce between Anirudh ( Sushant Singh Rajput) and Maya( Shraddha Kapoor), Anirudh takes the custody of their son Raghav( Mohammed Samad) .Already harbouring some complex, Raghav goes through tense moments just before his entrance exam results. Despite Anirudh’s  efforts to keep him calm, he is unable to control his feelings .Soon after the results, when he fails to qualify ,tries to commit suicide. Fighting for his life at the hospital, it is shock for his parents when they realise, he is making no efforts to live. Having understood him clearly, Anirudh starts narrating story about LOSERS from his college life. To make it look real to his son, he has to get all those college friends at the Hospital, which is an unexpected, different type of reunion

When Anirudh gets admission in a prestigious institute, initially not happy with his hostel H4 and applies for a change. He is introduced to some interesting characters , SEXA (Varun sharma),ACID( Naveen Polishetty),Derek( Tahir Raj Bhasin),Mummy( Thushar panday) and Bevda( Saharsh Kumar. Each one of the characters have some interesting, funny stories which justifies their unique nicknames. Hostel H4 has the tag of losers , who have never own prestigious Championship. After establishing a special bonding with this troublesome hostel, Anirudh rejects proposal  from Raggie( Prateik Babbar) who wants him  to shift to his hostel, after discovering Anirudh’s talent which he thinks could be handy during the championship. Already aware about the real facts and the available talent pool in their Hostel,, Anirudh and Derek start planning their strategy to  win the championship .

What are their plans to win the prestigious event? How does each of the LOSERS try to motivate Raghav? Does Raghav find Anirudh’s  LOSERS story inspiring ? Does it give him confidence to live a new life?

The story swings between the reunion of friends at hospital and their college moments. This makes it really an interesting, fun filled watch. Director Nitesh Tiwari’s direction is brilliant, thanks to the solid script. He has managed to create an impact while handling those lively hostel moments. Apart from those funny senses, there are some thought-provoking issues dealt well .The way kids fail to handle pressure and take extreme steps, close friends despite all this social media support not keeping in touch. The minor flaw being an extra dose of melodrama which could have been diluted .Along with some fun, some of the sports in the championship should have been shown with more competitive spirit

Sushant singh Rajput  excels as Anirudh handling those lively college moments really well. He has given matured performance as worried father, his youngster act is better though. Shraddha kappor is fantastic, both as a bubbly young lady and a serious mother. Varun sharma clearly steals the show with the perfect comic timing. Naveen Polishetty  is first rate.Saharsh Kumar and Thushaar kumar play their part well.Pratiek Babbar and Tahir Raj Bhasin impress with their intense act

Need to refresh memories from the college days, this one is for you.

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