Cinema Bandi Movie Review(3.5/5)

Cinema Bandi Movie Review(3.5/5) – Simplicity and Laughter

When so many lavishly made movies are failing, we have a simple rural based movie on an expensive camera and how the villagers use it .Let us find out how a simple subject can create such a huge impact. Cinema Bandi streaming on Netflix stars Vikas Vasishta , Sandeep Varanasi and has been directed by Praveen Kandregula

Veera, an auto driver with decent dreams of sending his kid to an english medium school finds a camera in his auto left by unknown customer. He takes it to Ganapathi , who is famous photographer in the village clicking titanic pose photographs  for countless couples. After series of discussions, they decide to use the expensive camera for shooting a movie. Veera thinks they make money out of it which can be used to improve their living standards. They find a hero who is again a famous barber and the first choice for heroine is Maridesh’s girlfriend Manga who refuses the offer. After continued efforts, they get their heroine Divya ,a school going girl accepts the offer. What happens next forms the rest of the story

What are the difficulties faced by Veera and Ganapthi during the shoot? What happens when the real owner of the camera reaches the village and finds them? Do they have to make more changes in the casting? Will they be able to complete the shoot in spite of a lot of things happening?

Cinema Bandi is hugely entertaining with constant laughter and the biggest plus point is it makes you laugh without extra efforts, no vulgarity, zero over the top performances and ugly mannerisms, it simply brings smile on your face. It is a classic example of how a small incident of Veera finding a camera and the things that follow successfully creates a gripping cinematic experience .Some of the scenes that make you smile seem to be  ordinary but the overall impact is huge .when they start shooting , the first scene and the retakes, Ganpathi clicking those titanic pose photographs , Maridesh asking small kid to call him Maridesh Babu and how a last kid starts crying and the scenes between the filmmakers and loud-mouthed Manga are some of the hilarious moments . It also reflects the mentality of the villagers who at first are not happy with the movie and are all united to make Veera’s dream a possibility. I really wish, there are more such goodhearted characters helping each other as shown in the movie, maybe we still have some of them in the villages which city bred people are not aware of. The major plus point is the ability of the movie to connect with the audience , take the scene where the entire village is smiling in the end and as an audience we are all happy for them  . Technically, the camera work is brilliant capturing the village and nature beautifully

Vikas Vasishta leads the team with a good show. He is at his best when he has dreams in his eyes and is commanding during the entire movie. Sandeep Varanasi is hilarious while trying to shoot in different angles. Rag Mayur playing Maridesh excels with his mannerisms and is effortless in the hilarious moments. Uma YG as loud-mouthed Manga is fist rate. Thrishara as divya is completely natural and she proves it the scene where she is innocently asking those questions about the heroine before accepting the offer. Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy playing the owner of the camera is an urban based character and she is efficient while showing desperation searching for her priced possession. Basically every performer has been natural to the core

Cinema Bandi is a simple movie about laughter and dreams with decent performances which is really a worth watch for the entire family


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