Cold Case Malayalam Movie Review(3/5)

Cold Case Malayalam Movie Review(3/5) : This investigative thriller is mostly engaging

A spirit playing an important role in a murder investigation but there is more into it in the newly released investigative thriller Cold case streaming on Amazon Prime . Directed by Tanu balak , movie stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aditi balan

When a local fisherman discovers a human skull wrapped in a garbage bag, the complicated case goes to well-dressed officer ACP Satyajith . Things are complicated here as they fist need to identify the victim. At the same time, Medha , a journalist who conducts parapsychology based shows starts experiencing  some strange things and she finds it disturbing as there are some incidents involving her little daughter too . She goes to Zara who is an expert in talking to spirits and based on her analysis Zara tells her that some invisible force wants to communicate with her. Once the victim whose skull has been found is identified, there is parallel investigation about the old blooded homicide one led by Satyajith with Medha on other side trying to connect the dots

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