Commmando3 Movie Review( 2.5/5): Vidyut Jamwal’s Thriller is a treat for Action-Movie fans

The movie starts off with an interesting note with some youngsters brainwashed  and plotting some terrorist activities based on the  instructions from a mysterious person whose identity and location unknown . When an anti-terrorist operation leads to the arrest of the brainwashed youth, there is clearly an indication of some big terrorist activity planned and to handle this major operation, one of the most efficient and able officer Karanveer( Vidyut Jamwal)  is appointed. The initial investigation from the reliable officer leads to the location of the mastermind plotting the activity. Karanveer along with his assistant  Bhavna reddy( Adah Sharma), an encounter specialist   arrives in London, where he gets local support from the officers Mallika (Angira Dhar)  with Indian roots and Armaan  Akthar( Sumeet Thakur). Based on the complete data analysis of the various suspects and incidents, the team led by Karanveer is able to track down the identity of the mysterious person, who happens to be a London based Hotelier  Buraq( Gulshan Deviah) . A terrorist with a sadistic approach , Buraq  shows no hesitation in killing people right in front of his innocent kid and even wanting the poor child to witness the gruesome activity . With such kind of hatred against India, Buraq has planned a real big terrorist activity which according to  Karanveer should be during the  Diwali Period, countdown for which has already begun.

Is it really the Diwali period or something else Buraq is palnning against India? How do Karanveer and his team stop this mass destruction?  What is Buraq’s Weakness and how is it used as a weapon against him by the able commando?

The first half of the movie is more of an investigative thriller, involves the process of identifying the mysterious terrorist. The interaction between karan and Buraq make commando3 gather momentum and makes it really interesting. The second half of the  movie has a lot to offer with some high octane action , dare devil stunts and chase sequences. The climax is also quite good with a new approach, but could have been executed in a better way that would have added extra punch. Direction suffers mainly due to some average writing in the first half and also the background music is which pretty ordinary. If the scene where the bodybuilders molesting school girl looks forced and ugly, there are some better  written scenes where the cops try to educate the brainwashed kids with the help of a real scholar . The good thing is despite having two heroines on board , there are no unnecessary songs planned .

Vidyut Jamwal provides full justice to his role carrying the action flick on his broad shoulders. Apart from handling the daredevil stunts with ease, he is quite impressive as an actor, a complete package. The overall standards of commando3 have been elevated by some stunning performance from Gulshan Devaiah. This terrific performance from the talented actor is brutal, sadistic and terror written all over it, simply superb. Angira Dhar with her serious looks is quite impressive. Adah sharma tries to provide some relief with her so called comedy, but it is her fight towards the end is more entertaining.

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