Devaki Movie review: Powerful Emotional Thriller

Devaki Movie review: Powerful Emotional Thriller

When a pre-teen kid is found murdered on the banks of river Ganga, a lot of tension is created about the continuous missing kids in Kolkata. We have Devaki( Priyankha Upendra), a single parent who seems to have some mystery surrounding her, lives alone with her daughter Aradhya. she is completely shattered when she discovers that her daughter is not home after the audition . She along with a known auto driver starts searching for her daughter in the Middle of the night which leads her to a sincere Police officer ( Kishore) who promises to help her find Aradhya. Their search leads them to the dirty world of child trafficking and powerful mafia

What about Devaki’s Mysterious past?  What about the results of investigation from Kishore? How is the Missing of Aradhaya connected to Devaki’s past?  Will the combined efforts of Devaki and the officer result in successfully tracing Aradhya alive?

The movie successfully deals with the dark side of child trafficking. One of the dialogues clearly says that fish in a small pond has reached the sea indicating the massive network of people involved and how difficult it is to get the child back once gone missing. A little kid asking the officer to pay her when he touches her affectionately, someone reserves the kid for a politician like a piece of meat tells the poor story of the kids who are kidnapped and forced to prostitution.

Priyanakha upendra  is simply superb as a worried mother who wants her daughter back at any cost . It is her terrific performance that we get easily connected to devaki, feel for her. One of the scenes when  she is about to find her daughter and goes completely blank for some reasons shows what a powerful performance this has been from the talented actress. Aishwarya upendra shows lot of promise and is full of confidence. It is Kishore’s matured, intense act who ably supports Priyankha  in elevating the standards of this emotional thriller

Director H Lohit has been efficient in holding the viewer’s interest till the end with tight screenplay and powerful execution . It is the pre interval scenes which are really gripping with a lot of twists. Technically the movie scores with excellent back ground score by Nobin Paul  and the cinematography by Venu . Howrah Bridge looks so majestic and those old buildings, crowded Kolkata streets are superbly shot

Overall, Fantastic suspense thriller with high dose of mother sentiments

Verdict – 3.5 Stars

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