Dream Girl Movie Review

Dream Girl Movie Review: Ayushmaan Khuraana makes you laugh wholeheartedly

The movie begins with the kid   mimicking the voice of his mother’s friend to convince the teacher about his average performance. When karamveer( Ayushmaan Khuraana) grows up , his art of mimicking female voices, gets him good roles in popular plays .  Desperate to find a good job, Karamveer accidently lands up in friendship call centre and gets an opportunity to showcase his talent. Totally impressed with his unique talent, owner( Rajesh Sharma)  offers him job with a good package. Initially he starts enjoying his new job with a new name Pooja , gets introduced to plenty of unhappy , lonely characters. Some of his interesting fans include, Rajpal ( Vijay Raaz)who is unhappy with his cribbing wife and famous for his shaayari,young rich guy who is desperate to flirt with her , lady who after couple of break ups hates men , his own father Annu Kapoor ,after losing his wife at an early age want to make his life colourful and his would be borther-in – law  who sings famous songs for him/her. At certain point when Karamveer/Pooja finds it too much to handle, he plans to quit his job

How does Karamveer handle his boss who threatens to expose Pooja if he quits? How he manages to handle each one of these unhappy souls? What happens when his love interest ( Nushrath Barucha) discovers about Pooja?

Raaj Shaandilya has been successful in providing wholesome entertainment. After the introduction of several characters who start interacting with Pooja during the first half, the movie turns out to be a complete laugh riot in the second half. He also sends clear message about the mind-set of present day crowd, who instead of sharing their feeling with someone close to them, remain lonely and unhappy. They start looking for various sources to make them happy and entertained.  Director Raaj has a clear winner in hands while handling a sensitive subject with loads of comedy

Dream Girl proves yet again that Ayushmaan khuraana is power house of Talent. He has mastered the art of making people laugh wholeheartedly. He also excels in the climax when he demonstrates about the magnitude of loneliness among the present day crowd. Although he is strongly supported by whole bunch of people falling for  Pooja , Annu Kapoor  clearly stands out . His transformation into Abbajaan is simply hilarious. Nushrath Barucha provides the needed glamour quotient. Rajesh Sharma and Vijay Raaz are first rate. Manjot Singh playing Karamveer’s friend is very impressive.Brilliantly choreographed and colourful Radhe song is another major highlight of the movie

Such a feel god entertainer that one would never want to miss!!!

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