Evaru Movie Review(3.5/5): Mystery Thriller full of surprises

Evaru Movie Review: Mystery Thriller full of surprises

Some people would like to be faithful to the original product when they are remaking the successful movies. Others try to introduce some changes that would suit the conditions making it more interesting.

When the Police Officer ( Naveen Chandra) in murdered in the Kunoor resort , Vaishani ( Regina Cassandra) ,wife of business tycoon is arrested. Vaishnavi breaks down at the press conference revealing details about the sexual and physical assault, clearly indicating the murder as an act of self-defence. When the Investigating Office Vikram Vasudev( Adivi shesh) arrives at her place , he is already taken care of by Vaishnavi’s Lawyer. However, during the interrogation a lot of things are revealed, a tale of conspiracy, deceit, lust and greed. In parallel, there is another story where a young boy suffering from cancer is searching for his father who suddenly goes missing. Are these two stories connected?  Hoe does Vikram Vasudev solve this tricky case? Who is behind the mysterious kidnapping?

It is a known fact that there is no rewatch value for suspense thrillers .However one  can give this a try even after watching Badla and Invisilble Guest as there are several changes in the Plot and the final climax. Director Venkat ramji has handled the Interrogation scenes very well which is basically the heart of this gripping thriller. Full credit to him for keeping audience glued onto their seats. Adivi shesh playing corrupt office who gets maximum scope to perform. He is at his best with  his killing  sarcasm and  naughty smile  during the interrogation. He gets fantastic support from Regina Cassandra , making the whole interrogation process an engaging watch. However, one could feel en extra effort would have been made her role more impactful. Naveen Chandra is simply first rate, has that evil look required for his character. Murali Krishna play his part well.Nihal Kodathy is very impressive

With lot of twist and turns throughout, Evaru promises to be a fantastic treat for the mystery thriller lovers




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