Forensic Movie Review ( 3/5) : An interesting Crime Thriller centred around multiple subjects

It is raining investigative thrillers , adding to the Genre is the latest Tovino Thomas starrer Forensic which tackles with multiple subjects associated with crime thrillers. Let us analyse of the movie is packaged with prefect suspense building elements and thrills to keep the audience glued on the seats till the end

The movie opens with an abnormal kid , who gradually turns out to be a full-fledged psychopath starts getting involved in brutal killings. The story then switches to kidnapping and brutal murdering of pre-teen girls under abnormal circumstances. The investigation headed by smart lady cop  Rithika   ( Mamtha Mohandas) who is being asked to accommodate forensic expert ( Tovino Thomas)   in her team having strong links to able officer’s past life .While the investigation is in full swing thanks to the  expertise and clever investigation by Samuel John  , there comes a retired officer who sheds light on another set of serial killings ,feels that the case remains unsolved. Based on  Samuel John’s investigation about the missing pre-teen girls and the identification of suspect by the eye witness , police make an arrest. However , further deeper investigations by Samuel john clearly indicates the possibility of another partner in crime

How is the different set of serial killings linked to each other? What is the relationship between Samuel and Rithika and their past affecting the investigation to certain extent? How does the forensic expertise of samuel john effectively used to solve the mystery surrounding different crime scenes ?

The movie talks about multiple subjects associated with the crime thrillers that include serial killings, abnormal kids and most interesting the usage of forensic expertise to solve murder mysteries. Although some of the subjects were used partially in the investigative thrillers, this is the first ever that forensic science has been extensively used .With an interesting and suspenseful premise , the movie offers to be a perfect edge of a seat thriller creating lot of confusion in the mind of viewers. In addition, the investigative thriller also provides exposure about interesting forensic terms like Touch DNA. Another highlight of the movie is an electrifying background score by Jakes Bejoy

Although the nail biting suspense thriller is exciting, more sudden shocks and spine chilling effects which were expected which are missing. Also, the writing by Akhil Paul -Anas Khan should have been crispier to enhance the mystery part which revolves around multiple suspects as some of the sequences are less gripping

Tovino Thomas essaying the role of a well-dressed forensic expert is honest in his performance and makes his presence felt, looks a bit tired in some scenes though. Mamatha Mohandas is quite impressive, unfortunately her character failed to shape up well. Reba Monika John is strictly okay. The overall standards of the movie is elevated by the impressive show put up by each and every child artist hugely successful in creating disturbing impact on the minds of the viewer




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