Forgotten Movie Review

Forgotten Movie Review :  A suspensful thriller with  multiple knockout twists

The movie with multiple twists keeps you glued on the seats . The strange things happening in the house , Jin-seok getting suspicious makes you think if it is related to supernatural thing or it could also be due to Jin-seok’s psychological problem . I would say it is like watching 2 suspense thrillers in a single frame, so it is doubly delicious for the Mystery thriller lovers. After that shocker at the police station , there is lot of intrigue in the next part which ends with a mind-blowing climax . This is a big winner as it proves all the predictions of the audience wrong at different points . Apart from the mystery elements , the movie is also high on emotions and even makes you sympathise with some characters which is not so common in an edge of a set thriller .However , I did not like the last scene in the movie and felt this could have been avoided

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