French Biriyani Movie Review

French Biriyani Movie Review : Interesting and funny characters contribute to a delicious Biriyani

As the name indicates and the trailer clearly showing a french character along with Danish Sait, this is expected to be one hell of a laughter ride .Let us analyse if this biriyani has been cooked with right spices and mind-blowing aroma to tickle viewer’s taste buds

The movie starts off with an aging gangster Powder Charles informing his son Muscle Mani( Mahantesh Hiremat) about a bag with some important stuff  which he is expecting from a foreigner just before his death . Trying to prove his efficiency, Mani who has just taken over his father’s empire, instructs his main guy Sulaiman to collect the bag for him. Soon after getting in touch with a french guy Simon ( Sal Yusuf) at the airport and driving him home, Sulaiman gets badly stuck in the traffic and the just arrived foreigner gets introduced to the city in an unfortunate manner. Somehow Simon manages to take an auto to reach his destination and the autowala  Azghar( Danish Sait) meets with an accident and the argument that follows exposes another face of the city with many such incidents to follow making his life horrible

What is the stuff in Simon’s bag which has created chaos in his life?  What are the strange incidents and characters that make his life horrible and how does he tackle with them?  What kind of problems Azghar has to face due to his involvement with Simon ?  How does Mani and his gang trace the french guy and will they be able to recover the precious bag?

Directed and Written by Pannaga Bharana,this biriyani  has some interesting and well-connected characters delivering loads of fun .Along with the perfect punches , some of the cleverly written scenes makes the first half racy and  gripping . In addition to the realistic approach showing the different faces of the city to a foreigner , the sensitive issues like male ego taking centre stage when Puroshotham(Nagabhushana) tries to blame his wife for his weakness has been handled wonderfully executed with good sense of humour .Most of the songs by Vasuki Vaibhav has been impressive and perfectly fit the narrative except the last bar song which looks forced .The scene where Rangayana Raghu tries to explain his logic of “ foreigner” and “racist” and how Simon takes it should be one of the most hilarious scenes of the movie. After a promising pre-interval,  a lot more was expected in terms of writing and execution but there is a dip in the momentum during the second half  with a strictly oaky  and abrupt climax

Danish Sait leads the show who has got fantastic support from the rest of the cast. British Actor Sal Yusuf has been in terrific form with the brilliant portrayal of a foreigner getting stuck in strange circumstances .Nagabhushana is simply first rate exposing an egoistic male and getting irritated when talked about his weakness. Rangayana Raghu is superb especially with his funny “racist” logic. Mahantesh Hiremat plays his part quite well with his special costumes and mannerisms

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