Game Over Movie Review

Game Over Movie Review : Spine chilling Phsycological thriller

Taapsee Pannu has been getting solid meaty roles in her past movies and doing full justice to them .She gets yet another platform in Game over to showcase her talent.. Without wasting much time , movie is bang on target with a Psyco killer stalking and killing single women.  Focus shifts to Sapna( Taapsee Pannu) who is a creative Professional working from home , has some issues with darkness. Her past has some unforgettable ugly incident which results in Psychological problems. Sapna starts firmly believing that all are issues started since she started having  a Tattoo and when she visits lady who go t her Tattooed , she has a big surprise which adds up to her existing stress, wants to get rid of Tattoo. For someone who is already fed up and having suicidal tendencies, something inspirational happens in her life, She wants to start a new life all over again .

Why is she afraid of Darkness? Why a simple Tattoo plays important role in her life? What about the stalker who kills innocent women? Where does Sapna draw her inspiration to lead a new life ?How does she fight to lead a normal life? Game over answers all these questions which makes it a superb watch. There some new ideas like Virtual reality session during the counselling, immortal Tattoo concept which we have not seen before

Taapsee Pannu shows her brilliance in a character that needs to express various emotions including  fear, agony, hope , survival to perfection . She looks perfect as a girl next door who goes through high level of emotional trauma due to some dark past. As an audience you easily get connected to her when she starts fighting for survival .

Direction by Ashwin Sarvanan makes Game over an Interesting Watch. With couple of characters and 102 minutes running time ,he manages Psycological issues, Supernatural element, Mystery  and lot of thrills . It is like step by step story telling in the first Half and lot of chills to scare you in the second half.He could have added  an extra 15 minutes to give in more details instead of leaving a lot to viewer’s imagination

Overall,  this thrilling game will never disappoint you. Go for it !!!!


Verdict : 3.5 Stars



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