Gatham Movie Review ( 3/5)

Gatham Movie Review ( 3/5) – Multiple twists keeps the audience engaged

It is always nice to watch a suspense thriller with innovative concept. Here comes Gatham directed by  Kiran   who tries to demonstrate something known as “ trigger point” in his latest offering and let us know more and check how effective this has been in keeping the audience engaged

The movie opens promisingly with Rishi ( Rakesh Galebhe) at the  hospital , having lost his memory and girlfriend  by his side. Not able to remember a thing, he trusts his so called girlfriend and when duo starts heading to another destination , their car breaks down midway. Fortunately, they are offered help by Arjun( Bhargava Poludasu) who takes them home. A lot of weird things starts taking place at Arjun’s place as Adithi ( Poojitha Kuraparthi) is attacked and the friendly guy turns out to be a deadly psychopath .In parallel Rishi starts seeing some nightmarish images which he is unable to connect and is totally confused. When the couple try to escape from the weird place, a big twist happens in the story generating more curiosity about all the characters

What is the mystery behind Rishi losing his memory and what is the big mentioned twist in the story? How are the various characters connected together and how does the new concept of “trigger point “appear in the rest if the story?

Definitely the movie has been successful in keeping the audience confused, playing mind games, generating more curiosity with timely twists that keeps them guessing throughout. The concept of “trigger point “has been beautifully incorporated into the story that keeps the mystery element alive. The good thing is that whenever the execution slows down a bit, there is a big twist that follows accelerating the proceedings. Also, the picturesque locations makes this one visually appealing adding on to the technical aspects.

As already mentioned , the movie does slows down at some points , mainly due to some of the scenes lacking intensity in execution and also there should have been something extra that would send chills down the spine which is missing. There has been very casual approach in handling some sequences which is evident. Bhargava poludasu  is quite impressive as his character has multiple shades and has tried his level best to provide justice to the role . Rakesh Galebhe is efficient in the first half with his blank looks trying to recollect something  but should have been more lethal is the second half

Overall , a new concept , superb twists  and ability to maintain suspense proves that it is a decent effort from the team and the audience liking the mystery genre surely going to enjoy this one

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