Gentleman Kannada Movie (2020) Review( 3.5/5)

Gentleman Kannada Movie (2020) Review( 3.5/5) – Prajwal Devraj is simply brilliant  in this emotional thriller with multiple new concepts

It is always interesting to have scripts with new exciting concepts  rather than sticking to the same old formula based movies . Directed and written by Jadesh Kumar Hmapi , this movie starring Prajwal Devaraj speaks about couple of subjects less known to common people , needs to be seen how effectively they have been used in the main stream cinema

The story begins with Bharath( Prajwal Devraj)  chasing someone looking suspicious  , always has an eye on his watch and suddenly falls asleep . The reason for his abnormal behaviour is a special  condition commonly referred to as sleeping beauty syndrome which makes a person sleep maximum hours during the day. Despite suffering from this disorder, Bharath manages to lead a normal life thanks to the solid support from the family and he even manages to find a perfect girl , fails to communicate about his condition though. Also there is a parallel track involving egg cell trafficking mafia run by a famous doctor Things start changing abruptly in his life , an accident which leaves him shouldering the responsibility of his little niece which he finds extremely difficult to handle with his sleeping disorder.  Somehow, when things gets slowly sorted out, he is shattered with someone close to him getting kidnapped leaving no trace at all. For someone who is awake only six hours a day,  Bharath has an uphill task to uncover the deadly truth and also save his family .

The two new concepts “ sleeping beauty syndrome “ and “ egg cell trafficking mafia”   are the ones which are not much exposed to the audience and probably first time  ever both concepts merged into an engrossing  emotional thriller. As people are not much aware about this tuff, it also educates about the condition and high level crimes not known to common man. Once the movie switches over to the investigation part, things get really exciting and highly gripping. However, the writing could have been slightly better in the first half taking into account the high standards set by the thriller. Another major highlight of the movie is the perfect Background score enhancing the effects of suspenseful moments

Prajwal Devraj delivers an intense performance which reflects the problems faced by someone suffering from the disorder and he is at his best when he breaks down at the hospital not knowing how to manage the desperate situation. Nishvika Naidu is good . Sanchari Vijay plays his part quite well. Arjun essaying the role of a doctor involved in egg cell mafia shows lot of promise with his body language and impressive act .Aradhya Chandra , the cute little kid is supremely talented and is full of confidence which is clearly evident in her performance

Multiple new concepts, brilliant performances, Superb Back ground score and solid super exciting second half clearly makes Gentleman a worth watch

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