Halahal Movie Review( 3/5)

Halahal Movie Review ( 3/5): Shocking and Thought-provoking  climax works very well   

It is a well-known fact that education has become a huge business for many.Instead of dedication playing a vital role, there is lot of corruption and crime happening which is reported on daily basis in the recent times. Halahal directed by Randeep Jha is a crime thriller which has a core plot revolving around the education scam and the corrupt system, an honest citizen fighting for justice against it

The movie opens on an interesting note when a young medical student’ body is found burnt on a highway which is declared as a case of suicide. However, father of the victim, Dr Shiv Shankar sharma( Sachin Khedekar) not able to digest the suicide theory, starts questioning the post-mortem report and faulty blood group reported. When he starts meeting the people associated with his daughter, it is evident about the foul play and the involvement of powerful hands trying for a cover up. Despite being threatened and beaten up, continues his investigation and wants justice for his daughter at any cost. When things are going worse, he contacts a corrupt and cool cop Yusuf ( Barun Sobti) who knows to manipulate criminals very well and to extract what he needs from them. A lot of clues and suspects surface during their probe but once they are closer to the leads, they are eliminated one by one proving the involvement of entire system in the crime. Will they be able to find culprits and to provide justice to a young medical student, the difficulties faced to reach the final destination and shocking truth revealed in the climax forms the crux of the story

A well-known issue is highlighted with a lot of mystery and good performances works for this crime thriller. There is a lot of suspense as the step by step investigation leads to a big list of suspects but at a certain point one may feel the plot might land up with a predictable climax. However, a big twist in the climax is the major plus point which is shocking and gives a food for thought about the loopholes in system. Any lapse of concentration, it will be difficult to enjoy the movie as some of the suspects and clues are quite confusing. Even treatment should have been more crisp and gripping

Sachin Khedekar is impressive , that sparkle is missing given the kind of script which is completely centred around him .Barun sobti as a cool and corrupt cop is entertaining and the combination works as both the actors are natural to the core

This Mystery crime thriller is a one-time watch of its plot , suspense and the climax

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