Have fun and lose weight with this Water Workout

It was a family get together and we decided to go swimming in a pool nearby . Suddenly  observed someone who was walking from one end of the pool to the other end  until water level remained chest high. His movements were quite fast almost like jogging on water. It was  interesting to know about his experiences with water walking and its benefits. Swimming was his first choice to lose weight and started with the programme, suddenly his neck started hurting during vigorous neck movements. Despite the pain, he carried on with his normal routine which aggravated neck issues  and had to stop. Doctors mostly suggest swimming as the best exercise for back related issues, however one has to take into consideration if right techniques are adopted while doing this wonderful exercise. Some of the cases like the above are common when you go for vigorous neck movements despite the existing pain. His instructor suggested him to add water walking in his weight loss program . This one was really good as it was like walking with the weights , proved to be a fantastic resistance building stuff. It takes some time to go to the level of 45 minutes to 1 hour, one has to start slowly with 5 – 10 minutes and gradually increase the time period. Moreover it is difficult for overweight people to continuously walk on the ground, knee and pressure on lower back being main concerns.Combination of fun and workout makes it entertaining as you can turn it into a variety of walking , slow jogging event involving your kids .This  simple weight reducing  programme, practiced along with swimming,  following  right technique can do wonders for your body . Try this next time and share your experiences

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