Helen Movie Review (4/5)

Helen Movie Review (4/5) :Brilliant Anna Ben and a solid script make this survival thriller a superb watch

Any survival thriller with an interesting plot packed with thrills is always an exciting watch. Mainly those challenges faced by the victim to get out of that desperate situation, ideas and strong will power with common-sense playing a vital role keeps the audience engaged. Produced by Vineet sreenivasan , the latest survival thriller Helen is about a simple girl next door fighting for her survival under abnormal circumstances

Helen ( Anna Ben)  is a graduate nurse , desperate to work in  Canada for better prospects. Her father Paul( Lal) and the special bonding that she shares with him , means a lot to her , finds it bit difficult to cut down on his cigarettes despite her dominance. Apart from Paul. there is another interesting character in her life, Azhar ( Noble Babu Thomas), an unemployed youth who cares a lot for her . While Helen is still in the processing of finishing required formalities to work abroad, continues to work for a fast food joint in a mall, reporting to an irritating boss but is quite confortable sharing a lot of things with her friend Laxmi at the workplace. When Helen is yet to reveal about her relationship with Azhar , due to an unfortunate incident , Paul discovers about something which his daughter was hiding from him. There is some sort of silence at home, probably first time for this father daughter duo and making things worse is another very unfortunate incident, leaving all the well wishes of Helen shattered. Suddenly, Helen is absconding for the outside world, left alone fighting for life

Under what unfortunate circumstance, Paul discovers about Azhar?, how does Helen disappear without leaving a trace? How does she fight for her survival? How do various people in her life and the relations that she shares with them helps her cause?

The first half of the movie is mainly about Helen’s dreams and the cute relationships that she shares with her father. A simple scene of movie outing with her father is loaded with cuteness and affection .When some of the present day children, not confortable accompanying their parents to movies , we have someone who is matured enough to care for her father and finds it absolutely normal. The movie is much more gripping in the second half when Helen has to find a way out and prove that she is a real strong person, both physically and mentally. During this entire survival process, Director  Mathukutty Xavier and his co-writers demonstrate  couple of things about human relationships and behaviour. A criminal trying to help a girl who is a stranger for him , an egoistic Inspector ( Aju Thomas) who does not to care about the struggle of a girl fighting for life ,are some of the classic examples . The most interesting part is the reason given by security guard about clearly identifying Helen’s face , a simple reflection of our mechanical lifestyle and how we just neglect doing some simple things in life

This movie provides an excellent opportunity to Anna ben and she is simply brilliant. With those cute scenes in the pre interval and the agony that she goes through the survival phase makes her connect strongly with the audience. Giving Anna ben strong company is Lal, showing his anger when he finds about Azhar and his outburst at the police station, simply first rate. Noble Babu Thomas is natural to the core and plays his part very well. Bit frustrated and egoistic, Aju Thomas is quite impressive

A superb survival thriller with a sold script and some wonderful performances, a must watch


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