Hero Kannada Movie Review (3.5/5)

Hero Kannada Movie Review (3.5/5) – Brilliant Background score and Rishab Shetty makes this one extra special

Looks like a simple straightforward story but this is not the case,there are several contributing factors that makes this movie really special . Firstly, each character is interesting, several members in the villain’s gang each one with different style, surprise pet which keeps moving around the house , the highly entertaining cook  and a crazy doctor who want his jackfruit at any point of time . Director Bharath Raj’s treatment is so special,he ensures movie is fast paced with some really interesting moments like one of the members form the gang suspects a foul play and immediately the manner in which our hero makes him think that he is giving haircut to his boss and the sequences that follow when hero and heroine meets with the villain around is highly engaging. If the fast half is more or emotions and comedy, the post interval is an out and out action thriller but again there are some exciting moments as well.

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