HIT Telugu Movie Review (3/5) – Gripping and Suspenseful

HIT  Telugu Movie Review (3/5) – Gripping and Suspenseful

This investigative thriller revolves around the cases dealt by the HIT( Homicide Intervention Team) using specific techniques which also demonstrates the various methods of solving crimes . There is also well researched information about the techniques used while dealing with a crime scene make this one an exciting watch

The movie opens with the investigative Officer Vikram Raj ( Vishwak Sen) taking treatment to handle fears from his dark past which keeps resurfacing and making the able officer restless. The nature of his job also contributes to his deteriorating mental health condition and his love interest Neha ( Ruhani Sharma wants him to quit his present job  which is not all acceptable to vikram Raj . When the case of a normal looking girl Preethi going missing under mysterious circumstances is assigned to the able officer , there is a shock for  Vikram as Neha also suddenly disappears leaving no trace. While solving the case he has to deal with some professional differences with the officer from the same department which at times even gets physical. How does Vikram solve the mystery behind missing girls in spite of battling his worst fears forms the crux of the story

The first half of the movie is interesting with the missing cases and also the preliminary investigation which involves the interrogation of possible suspects who were close to Preethi . Once the potential suspects are identified and the interrogation starts, the plots gets super exciting. Even the shocking and unpredictable climax where the mystery is unravelled is quite detailed. During the various investigation techniques, there is this background score which creates a different impact altogether

But the investigation mostly revolves around missing girl on the outer ring road which in turn leads to another case, but even the basic details about disappearance of Neha are completely missing . Some of the unnecessary fights between the two able officers’ looks forced. Also the climax which is quite good, gives a feeling of too many things happening in a hurry, could have been handled better enhancing the overall effects of the suspenseful thriller

Vishwak Sen essaying the role of an investigating officer excels exhibiting high degree intensity and his different approach to the role enhances the overall performance. The meaty role with multiple shades gives him ample scope to showcase his talent. Also the way he delivers those timely punches makes the movie more entertaining. Ruhani sharma gets minimum screen space and she just goes with the flow. Murali Sharma is wasted in that insignificant role

Despite some of the minor shortcomings, this one is a worth watch for the audience loving the investigative crime thrillers



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