Ikkat Movie Review(3/5)

Ikkat Movie Review (3/5) – Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty shine in this comedy

Nationwide lockdown was an unforgettable experience as a lot of things took place and people have their own stories to tell. We already witnessed some movies with lockdown backdrop and here comes another one , a kannda  comedy streaming on Amazon Prime

Vasu and his wife who keep fighting for silly issues wants to get divorced and as their fight  continues , there is news about lockdown . Apart from their silly fights, vasu starts feeling something strange happening in the house , also notices the change in the behaviour of his wife . The sequence of events taking place during the lockdown along with some characters gives different angle to their arguments. Those interesting characters are an unwanted guest in from of vasu’s uncle who keeps coughing all time,crazy tick tock guy dude maga and the neighbour who keeps asking for something

What happens next forms the rest of the story

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